A New Year a New Strategy

It’s that time again and the New Year is nearly upon us. Putting Christmas presents and turkey aside, I’d like to talk business in this blog before myself and the team here at Resolution Television say goodbye for the holidays.


It’s nearly the new year and as a business owner it’s a good time to look into your businesses marketing strategy for the following year.

Developing a good marketing strategy helps you focus on how you will sell your businesses products or services. It is worth noting that your goals, and how you intend to achieve them, may change as your business grows. With that in mind your marketing plan therefore should be reviewed annually. The beginning of the new calendar year is a good time for this.

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

The whole idea of having a marketing plan is to outline how you will reach your companies target market and sales goals. Therefore in order to do this, you must develop a good strategy to advertise your products or services. Outlining these details in your marketing plan helps you analyse its progress and whether any changes need to be made. As an example, if your target demographic is for a younger audience, you may initially plan to advertise on social media sites and YouTube. Once your strategy is in place you can then examine whether you met your marketing goal and what the next step is.

What is the best way to do this?

To develop your new marketing strategy, review your progress from your last plan, to help determine your new targets. This should also include total sales revenue and net profits, prior to creating a strategy for advertising. Once you have established this, you can then figure out how you’ll get there through your marketing plan. Focus on seasonal sales and how to improve during quiet periods and busy times. Repeat the strategies that are the most effective. Project product pricing and competition, and determine which may impact your sales and marketing objectives.

Asses your current sales and promotional channels. Ask yourself these questions and more about your online marketing avenues…

Do you have an online presence? Did you know that 43% of all ecommerce comes from Google alone? Is your website up to date and responsive? Will customers be satisfied or deterred by your site layout? Last year alone 94% of people cited poor website design as the reason to mistrust or reject a business.

How successful is your current social media sites? Do you use blogs? Are these benefitting your SEO so you can be found easily in SERP? After all 62% of marketers optimise their blogs, websites, mobile sites and social media sites to improve SEO. 

Do you advertise on search engines? Did you know that 23% of online traffic is generated from Google Ad words?  Do you utilise email marketing? Are you aware that Email out performs Twitter and Facebook for selling online?

Have you thought about online video? Marketers who use online video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

What can you do to improve your online presence and benefit from more sales and revenue? How do your competitors perform online?

Not sure what online marketing is about? Take a look at some of our previous posts on What is Digital Marketing? to find out more.

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Don’t forget about your companies offline marketing strategy…

How are customers finding your business? If you are relying solely on the customers just passing by to notice you or just word of mouth, then your leads can dry up quite quickly. 62% of people surveyed by Statista last year said they would prefer to conduct research online before buying a product or services from a company. Don’t miss out on using other channels to promote yourself.

People are more likely to trust a brand if they see an advert. An advert creates an image in the customer’s mind of the brand being well established, as they can afford to advertise. Not forgetting trustworthiness and quality.  For example 42% trust advertising on TV when compared to any other medium.

Are you currently using any external advertising mediums to promote your company? (Such as press, TV, VOD etc..) See our blog to find out exactly How not advertising affects your business.

Are you monitoring how your competitors advertise? What can you do to gain more customers and sales?

It is important to keep up with marketing both online and offline as these all feed off one another. Any gaps in the chain can work against you and in favor of your competitors instead.

Once you understand what you need to accomplish to grow your business then it’s time to implement your strategy.


Do you need help with your strategy?

Marketing comes in many forms, at Resolution Television we specialise in TV Advertising and Online promotion. Our team has a  long standing experience within Television and VOD Advertising. As well as having a solid reputation with the industry.  We also have a fully trained staff with a wealth of experience workin on digital marketing campaigns.

Do you have an online business and think TV advertising doesn’t affect you? Think again see Why TV Advertising is important for you online business.

Still not convinced see 9 Reasons why you should advertise.

Worried about cost? Did you know that TV Advertising in 28% cheaper these days. See TV Advertising – It’s not just for big businesses…


If you would like to talk to one of our experts for some advice on advertising and digital marketing, then please feel free to contact us on 01724 376002 or why not drop us a quick email at [email protected]




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