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  • Is there an option to add additional software modules to the system over time if our requirements change?

    As all of our systems are bespoke, you have complete autonomy when it comes to expanding and developing your system. Therefore, additional software modules can be added as and when your organisational requirements change. Full demonstrations of additional modules can be provided before you decide to proceed, and costs will be provided in advance of any changes being agreed and implemented.

  • Is there an ability to have multiple sites all on one system?

    Definitely! Many of our clients have multiple sites and these are all visible through the same induction system. Site-specific inductions can be programmed to only appear for the site that has been selected which prevents users from sitting the incorrect induction. You can start off with one site initially but expand in the future at any time.

  • Can changes be made to the system if policies or site layout changes?

    Changes can be made to the content or the system itself where necessary, however, some major changes may be subject to charges which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified accordingly.

  • Can a link to the inductions be sent out via email in advance of someone attending site?

    Yes! All you need to do is send the unique URL link for your induction system via email or text to the recipient that needs to complete an induction in advance of attending site.

    We also offer an additional “Invite” software module that allows for a more advanced “Induction Completion” request. This can be demonstrated in depth upon request.

  • Can reports be generated from the system?

    Absolutely. Your system will allow you to generate analytical reports as standard, but if you opt for any additional modules then reports for time and attendance or muster point roll calls are also available. The reports can be generated in most common formats, such as; PDF, Excel or .CSV. There is also the option to print these out.

  • Is there a limit on how may users are allowed to register within a certain time-frame?

    No! There is no limit on how many users you can have registered on your system at any one time. This is something that drastically sets us apart from our competitors.

  • Can this induction system integrate with other systems already in place on site?

    Providing we can obtain an API (Application Programming Interface) from your current software, then yes, your bespoke induction system can usually integrate with your existing software, such as HR Suites or Risk Management systems.

  • Is support available if there are any issues with the software or hardware?

    We provide full-time support during office hours (Mon – Thu 9am – 5pm and Fri 9am – 4pm).

    All our systems include, as standard, the ability to raise a support ticket for any non-urgent issues which come through directly to our Software Team, where they will be responded to as soon as possible. For any urgent issues, we can be contacted during office hours on our telephone number.

    Extra out of hours support is available at an additional fee.

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