At the forefront of digital innovation, Res Digital brings together a diverse team of expert software developers and media specialists.

Our commitment lies in crafting bespoke online solutions that cater to the unique needs of global organisations.

Benefit From Our Online Induction Training Systems & Other Services

Resolution is at the heart of the intersection between state-of-the-art technology and evocative media, firmly rooted with a vision to usher businesses seamlessly into the next phase of their growth.

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke software solutions meticulously crafted to suit specific needs. Our online induction system platforms are designed for streamlined, smooth and efficient employee on boarding. Our competency framework management systems are a testament to our commitment to ensuring businesses maintain an edge through continual skill evaluations and upgrades.

Diving deeper into our hardware offerings, we have an array of top-notch tools. Our RFID cards & tags stand out as the epitome of modern-day data security and efficient tracking. With our advanced ID card printers, businesses can produce high-quality identification, vital for security and organisation. Our induction pods, a unique blend of technology and interaction, redefine the on boarding experience, making it immersive and memorable. And for those requiring mobile solutions, our handheld printers are designed to deliver outstanding results, even on the move.

But our expertise doesn’t end there. In the world of Film & TV advertising, we’ve established a reputation for crafting impactful narratives. We don’t just create great content; we tell your brand’s story, ensuring it not only reaches but also resonates with its intended audience, making a lasting impression in an otherwise saturated market.

Our Tailored Online Induction Software Solutions

The initial days of an employee at a new workplace are pivotal, and this crucial period can be seamlessly addressed with our online induction platforms.

Online Induction Systems streamline the onboarding process, making it not only efficient but also memorable, ensuring every new contractor, visitor or employee feels both welcomed and informed. As employees settle into their new roles, safety and security become vital aspects of their daily routine. Recognising this, our door access control systems are engineered to provide not just heightened security but also a smooth administration process, granting authorised access to restricted areas of your infrastructure.

Even as employees familiarise themselves with the physical surroundings, continuous learning and skill refinement are essential. That’s where our online training software comes into play. This software has been curated to offer interactive, engaging, and comprehensible modules, ensuring your workforce remains at the peak of their capabilities. Furthermore, to maintain an organisation’s excellence, it’s imperative to keep a pulse on the competency levels of your team. Regular evaluations might sound overwhelming, but with our competency framework management module, monitoring, assessing, and managing skills becomes an effortless endeavour.

Emergency preparedness is another cornerstone of any thriving organisation. Our evacuation alert systems are meticulously crafted for swift reactions in the face of crises, ensuring each member of your team is correctly directed and accounted for during evacuations. Lastly, in the day-to-day operations of your business, tracking attendance and punctuality is pivotal. Our intuitive T&A (Time and Attendance) systems step in here, offering real-time data which ensures both transparency and accuracy in monitoring employee presence.

Site Induction Software

A digital tool streamlining employee onboarding, this software introduces newcomers to site policies, procedures, and safety protocols, ensuring smooth integration and compliance.

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Door Access Control

Advanced software that manages entry permissions, granting authorised individuals access to designated areas. Features real-time monitoring, ensuring heightened security..

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Staff Clocking Systems

Time-tracking solutions that record employee work hours, breaks, and overtime. Vital for accurate payroll and attendance monitoring, enhancing productivity and accountability.

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Specialist Hardware Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and tags play a role that goes beyond being mere tools; they are the very backbone of contemporary data security and data collection.

In diverse applications ranging from inventory tracking to guaranteeing secure entry, our RFID solutions shine through with their reliability.

When it comes to producing identification cards, whether for employees or guests, the significance of a sturdy ID card system is paramount. At Res Digital, our ID card printers generate top-notch, enduring ID cards that are crafted not only to last but also to excel in performance.

Moreover, our Induction Pods represent a novel and transformative approach to onboarding. These pods forge a bridge between the digital and tangible, providing an interactive induction experience that is both captivating and informative.

Recognising the dynamic nature of business today, we’ve made sure our solutions mirror this mobility. Our handheld printers are a testament to this philosophy. Engineered for seamless functionality, these printers from Res Digital guarantee that you can effortlessly print crucial documents while on the move, ensuring that your business never skips a beat.

ID Card Printers

Devices specialised in producing high-quality, durable identification cards. Essential for businesses and institutions, ensuring security, professionalism, and brand consistency.

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RFID Cards & Tags

Utilising radio-frequency identification technology, these systems enable contactless access and data storage. Ideal for secure, quick-entry applications like door access or payment systems.

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Handheld Printers

Portable handheld devices facilitating on-the-go label, receipt, or ticket printing. Essential for businesses needing mobility and flexibility. From events to retail – we have got you covered.

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Professional Film & Television Advertising

In today’s sprawling media panorama, the challenge is not just to be seen but to leave an indelible mark.

With our unparalleled expertise in Film & Television advertising, we promise that your brand won’t merely blend into the vast expanse; instead, it will shimmer and shine, distinguishing itself amidst the multitude.

Our initial step involves immersing ourselves entirely in your brand’s very ethos, capturing its quintessence and heartbeat. Armed with this insight, we craft a compelling and coherent narrative that deeply resonates with viewers, evoking emotions and ensuring they forge a bond with your brand.

Beginning with a seed of an idea, we nurture it, allowing it to grow and evolve. Utilising state-of-the-art filming techniques and methodologies, we ensure that every frame captures attention and encapsulates your brand’s story in the most poignant way possible.

However, our commitment doesn’t end once the cameras stop rolling. The post-production stage is where the magic truly comes alive. We meticulously refine every detail, ensuring that the final output not only conveys your brand’s message flawlessly but also leaves an indomitable impression that drives action.

In essence, we don’t just tell your story; we immortalise it, ensuring it’s not only heard but also cherished and responded to by its intended audience.

Corporate Video

Professional service crafting compelling visual content for businesses. From brand stories to instructional videos, these productions enhance corporate visibility and communication.

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Green Screen Studio Hire

Rental of our fully-equipped chromakey green room, allowing filmmakers to superimpose varied backgrounds during post-production. Perfect for creative video projects requiring controlled environments.

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Drone Video & Photography

Capturing stunning aerial views, drone photography and videography offer unique perspectives for events, real estate, and film projects. Ideal for elevating visual storytelling.

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