Door Access Control System

Cloud-based door access management systems.

Res Digital specialises in access management technology using modern intercom and RFID systems designed for every building, door and user.

Industry-Leading Access Control Technology

With over two decades of experience in enhancing worksite security, Res Digital has become a market leader in smart door access technology.

From entry-level smart card technology to custom-built management software, we provide top-quality access control systems to meet the exact needs of your premises.

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Secure, efficient and reliable door access systems designed with every building, door and user in mind.

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RFID Locking Systems

Next generation RFID locking systems and card readers.

Our RFID systems are compatible with key cards, fobs, and mobile app credentials. Manage them 24/7 from any device, anywhere, with features like live activity reports, alarm management and muster point capabilities. They offer unlimited scalability and remote, automatic software updates, ensuring they’re always future-ready.

Enhanced Security

Restricted access to authorised personnel reduces theft, unauthorised entry and vandalism.

Custom Access Management

Administrators can easily assign, change or remove individual or group access permissions.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Automated logging of entry/exit times provides an invaluable security record for
investigations and compliance.

Scalability & Integration

Our adaptable systems grow with your organisation, ensuring security remains effective and

Touchscreen Intercoms

Customisable, modern and secure.

Our innovate touchscreen intercom systems offer HD video calling, mobile device integration for remote access and multi-level management. The customisable design ensures they fit seamlessly with your premises while enhancing communication and security.

Remote Management Software

Designed to streamline access management.

Our remote management platform provides comprehensive control over your access systems from any device, anywhere. With real-time monitoring, you can oversee entry and exit activity, receive instant alerts and generate detailed access reports. Its intuitive interface allows administrators to easily assign, modify or revoke permissions, while automated software updates ensure security is always up-to-date.

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