IT Hardware

A range of hardware designed to directly support Turnstyle software to add extended functionality for administrators and to streamline use.

Why Res Digital Should Be Your First Choice for IT Hardware

Every piece of IT hardware in our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We provide a diverse array of products, be it RFID cards & tags, top-grade ID card printers, or innovative induction pods. And it’s not just about variety; it’s about unparalleled quality. We take immense pride in ensuring that each item undergoes stringent quality assessments, promising durability and impeccable performance.

At Res Digital, we recognise that every business has its distinct needs. This understanding drives us to offer tailor-made hardware solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your individual operational requirements. Moreover, our team is dedicated to not just selling products but also offering insights and guidance. We ensure you make informed decisions, ones that bring value to your business.

Furthermore, our commitment doesn’t end once a purchase is made. Our support team, always ready to assist, ensures you’re never left in the lurch, making certain that your operations flow without a hitch.

RFID Card System

The trusted partner for tailor-made RFID card systems, a technology transforming business efficiency and security.

RFID systems use wireless communication to store and retrieve data from RFID tags.

Offering advantages like enhanced efficiency, convenience, security, durability, and customisation.

An experienced team provides end-to-end services, from software development to hardware provisioning and system integration.

With a successful track record across industries and a proactive approach to technology trends, ensure you get an RFID card system that meets your needs and remains valuable in the evolving tech landscape.

Induction Pod

Streamline Induction delivery by using a dedicated Induction Pod.

Booting straight to your induction software, the remote managed Pods run on a bespoke operating system. Especially important for inducting visitors, contractors and employees onsite with no fuss.

Admin Mini

A unique mobile device dedicated to administering your Turnstyle software.

Admin Mini’s enable you to check user accounts using RFID cards or by scanning QR codes using the built in scanners. Other administrative functions, such as checking induction and e-learning status are then available.

Additionally, intuitive GUI presents relevant information allowing fast administration of the system.

Muster Point

Installed using one standard CAT 6 cable that provides a power and a data connection. Muster points can be sited anywhere thanks to their IP65 rating.

During an emergency, the muster point awaits users to swipe their RFID tag to mark them as safe from the evacuation event.

Very quickly, administrators have a list of only those who are missing. This information can help first responders significantly in a real emergency.

Additionally, our Admin Mini’s can also be used as a mobile muster point.

ID Card Printer

Extending the capability of the induction software to print out customised, branded photo id cards for visitors, contractors, employees and drivers.

Furthermore, being capable of having multiple designs embeded on the software gives flexibility and ensures the right information is passed along.

ID card printers can be matched to Admin Mini’s or Admin Hardware Pods for rapid RFID ID Card deployment.

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