How not advertising affects your business

Through my previous experience in advertising I have come across a number of businesses who feel they don’t need to advertise or don’t understand it’s importance.


There are many reasons I have heard as to why such as; “it’s too expensive”. Advertising can cost, but if you made a ROI every time you invested in advertising then surely this increase in profit is worth is worth it?

“I’ve tried it before, it didn’t work!”. This can happen often when businesses have been sold an inappropriate advertising medium. Whereby the advertising included no research of their target audience, no strategy in choosing what is said or how it should look, or in selecting appropriate media that suited the businesses needs instead of the salespersons. Sadly money spent on this type of advertising is money out of the window. But not always sometimes this can be also down to lack of understanding. Often when advertising is sold advice on how to see its results and the long term effects are not explained.

Another reason given for not advertising is “my company is currently doing well”. That may be for the time being. But what if there comes a time that it becomes harder to do well? What if a company offering the same goods or services comes along? Or your sales are affected by seasonal buying habits? If you haven’t advertised, you have no prospective customer base from which to draw. You would have to start branding your business at the last minute and marketing a company isn’t a process that happens overnight!

Which brings us to why all companies should advertise, even in busy periods, and why the advertising should be done by professionals. A professional knows how to develop an advertising plan that will work for you!

Remember businesses don’t advertise just because they’re successful, You’re only successful becuase YOU advertise!

Reasons Why You Should Advertise : –

1) Business growth. If you want to grow your business you must advertise. Advertising can increase sales, target more clients and help you against the competition.

2) Protection from poor sales and economy . You need advertising even when you’re busy and during bad economic times, because without advertising you may be alright for a while but eventually you’ll see sales decrease due to attrition or poor economy. Your customers may shop elsewhere during these times if your competition has offered them the desired value.

3) Prospective customers. You must reach out to prospective customers. This should be an ongoing process. With advertising you’ll be gaining new customers while maintaining existing customer loyalty. This is known as brand reinforcement.

4) Get your message heard. Advertising is something that you control. If you want to promote a new product, sale or event, advertising is the only way you can control this announcement.

5) Target your audience.  When advertising you can research and promote to your specific target audience. Sending your promotional messages to the right audience will help build a better customer base for your business.

6) Get your business found. Advertising will drive potential customers to your business base both online and offline. Advertising will also educate customers about your products or services.

7) Increased credibility. This is enhancement of your company image and awareness. The very perception that you can afford advertising is often enough to sell and resell to prospects and customers alike, and makes it easier to get attention for your entire message. Customers believe a business is doing well if they advertise.

Need advice?

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