ID Card Printer

Adding ID card printing capability to the Turnstyle software.

Extending the capability of the induction software to print out customised, branded photo id cards for visitors, contractors, employees and drivers.

Furthermore, being capable of having multiple designs embeded on the software gives flexibility and ensures the right information is passed along.

ID card printers can be matched to Admin Mini’s or Admin Hardware Pods for rapid RFID ID Card deployment.

What is an ID Card Printer and How Does It Work?

Producing unique ID Cards has multiple benefits including:

  • Check induction status
  • Monitor Time and Attendance
  • Use at an emergency Muster Point
  • Control site access
  • Mark users on and off site
  • Competency Checker module integration
  • Connect to Admin Mini’s or Admin Pods

Advantages of using ID cards

Adding ID Card capability takes Turnstyle to a whole new level, using data from user accounts the built in ID card module enables administrators to utilise bespoke card printers to produce branded ID cards cost effectively.

Consequently cards that can then be used for RFID access control, Time and Attendance and Emergency roll call.

Additionally site information can be pre printed on the reverse saving time at the point of issue and providing more information to visitors

  • Temporary sites no longer need expensive infrastructure for running inductions, site manifests and emergency procedures.
  • Security can check a user instantly from anywhere on site.



Improved Efficiency

Streamline identification and access control

Improved Security

Using RFID cards controls access to areas on a tiered level

Increased Durability

Designed to withstand regular heavy use, resilient and intuitive.

Customisable Solution

Designed by our inhouse graphics team, each card has it’s own unique design.

RFID Cards and Tags

Embedded in the cards, RFID chips enable easy swiping on door access controls, muster points, time and attendance readers and, of course, Admin Mini’s.

Touch the ID Card to the reader to get instant access if the user security level matches the access point.

Furthermore, ID cards are a great way of identifying roles, cards can be printed with different coloured bands that reflect their status. For instance, red for escorted visitors, blue for staff or anything that is relevant.

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