Admin Mini

A unique mobile device dedicated to administering your Turnstyle software.

Admin Mini’s enable you to check user accounts using RFID cards or by scanning QR codes using the built in scanners. Other administrative functions such as checking induction and e-learning status, are then available.

An intuitive GUI presents relevant information allowing for fast administration of the system.

What is an Admin Mini and How Does It Work?

Admin Mini’s serve a variety of uses while 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity enable their use anywhere there’s a signal.

  • Check induction status
  • Monitor Time and Attendance
  • Operate as an emergency Muster Point
  • Supervise site access
  • Mark users on and off site
  • Competency Checker module integration
  • Print ID Cards, Day passes and QR Code Stickers

Advantages of a mobile solution

An Admin Mini takes Turnstyle to a whole new level, being able to check employee status, print ID cards, day passes and QR stickers and provide instant emergency roll calls without being tethered by wires, revolutionises admin controls.

  • Temporary sites no longer need expensive infrastructure for running inductions, site manifests and emergency procedures.
  • Security can check a user instantly from anywhere on site.



Improved Efficiency

Being mobile means better access to your workforce

Improved Security

Login using administrator RFID cards and passwords only

Increased Durability

Designed to withstand regular heavy use, resilient and intuitive.

Customisable Solution

Designed inhouse the Admin Mini can be adapted to your individual needs.

RFID Cards and Tags

Embedded in tags and cards, RFID chips can be added to user accounts to enable easy swiping on door access controls, muster points, time and attendance readers and, of course, Admin Mini’s.

Touch the tag to the reader to get an instant run down of the user induction status, competency skills as well as adjust security levels.

Furthermore, operating as a muster point, the Admin Mini can facilitate a roll call as fast as employees and visitors can swipe the terminal, the system can then display or print a list of only those who are missing for first responders.

Another feature the Admin Mini has is that it can add people to the site manifest plugin and remove them when they leave.

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By choosing Res Digital, you invest in a dependable system that operates efficiently and reliably, backed by our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Our successful track record in implementing solutions across various industries highlights our versatility and adaptability to different business environments.

Equally, our team is proactive and consistently keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology.

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