Bespoke Software Solutions

We create completely customisable software designed to streamline your health and safety processes.

Whether you require a comprehensive, multi-functional EHS system or a standalone online induction platform, our software puts your organisation at the forefront of its design and functionality.

Our Range of Health and Safety Software

With the amount pre-packaged software on the market, it can be difficult to find one that ticks all of the boxes.

Res Digital’s cloud-based software directly addresses your needs, is designed to be flexible and scalable, and most importantly, keeps your data protected and your workforce safe.

Emergency Evacuation

Because there is no room for compromise when it comes to emergencies on-site.

Our emergency evacuation muster point system captures real-time data in emergency situations and instantly adds employees to a “marked safe” list when they arrive at a muster point.



Competency Management System

Contractor and employee competency management made simple.

Define your own competency frameworks, assessment criteria and reporting metrics with our custom competency management software.

Online Training Software

Create impactful safety training, tailored for your organisation.

Integrate on-site footage, your company’s branding and custom quizzes to create an online safety training platform that makes a difference.

Clocking In Systems

Manage employee attendance with RFID cloud software.

Create a centralised database of employee entry and exit times with our custom online time and attendance systems.

Door Access Control System

Guarantee on-site security.

Our advanced software allows you to manage entry permissions, grant authorised individuals access to designated areas and supports real-time monitoring.

Turnstyle Online Induction Platform

The ideal solution for efficient, high-quality onboarding.

The Turnstyle Online Induction Platform is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that offers a fully automated online induction platform tailored for businesses across various industries.

Online Induction Software

Deliver custom, high-quality inductions that prioritise safety from day one.

Our automated, customisable platform streamlines onboarding and enhances engagement and consistency across all staff, contractor and visitor inductions while reflecting your company’s brand.

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