Induction Pod

Streamline Induction delivery by using a dedicated Induction Pod.

Booting straight to your induction software, the remote managed Pods run on a bespoke operating system. Especially important for inducting visitors, contractors and employees onsite with no fuss.

What is an Induction Pod and How Does It Work?

Induction Pods are all in one devices, complete with peripherals, that allow instant access to your Turnstyle software

Configured to only access your specific software, the Induction Pod can’t be tampered with, hacked or broken in a way that won’t be fixed with a simple reboot. Additionally, the pods are set to discover their own internet access making installation simple and easy to do.

Besides the keyboard and mouse, the monitor has a built in webcam for adding photo evidence of users completing inductions or for adding to their profile for printing onto ID cards.

Advantages of an Induction Pod

Secure by design, Induction Pods allow users to simply and quickly access the inductions or e-learning they need to complete, onsite and under your control.

Another key point is that they are programmed to restore themselves to their initial state on each reboot, eliminating the need for IT departments maintaining the operating system.

Occasionally, updates are performed at agreed low usage times remotely to ensure that maintenance costs are usually none existent.


Improved Efficiency

Visitors, Contractors and employees who haven’t completed an induction can do so immediately when they arrive onsite.

Improved Security

Booting to a bespoke, locked down operating system ensures security.

Increased Durability

Ruggedly made, pods will last for many years of continual usage.

Customisable Solution

Choice of different size screens and internal hardware are available

Admin Add Ons

Adding other hardware peripherals enable an Induction Pod to be used as an Administration Pod.

Key differences include the addition of RFID programmers, ID Card printers, QR Readers and external cameras.

As an illustration, Admin Pods are used extensively where a permanent site access point is used to check ID cards and induction status. With the ability for an administrator, with the correct user privileges, to be able to administer user accounts.

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