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What Type Of Learner Are You?

Each individual has their own unique methods of learning to ensure productive and effective retention of information. Organisations, when considering how to approach training and education for their employees, should consider how to create the most effective learning environment that embraces multiple learning methods. A learning and skills at work survey conducted by the CIPD in 2021 indicated that ‘organisations have not necessarily thought through how to digitalise learning in a blended way to get the best out of different delivery methods.’ With this information, as well as a recent influx of L&D professionals coming to us to revolutionise their approach to learning and development in the workplace, our team has put together some aspects to consider when reviewing workplace learning, training, and inductions online.

Effective workplace learning methods support individuals, teams, and an organisation as a whole to keep things running smoothly. Employees want to learn, grow and perform the best they can in their role. Learning and development strategies in the workplace therefore not only enhance skills, but improve employee morale and motivation. 

With the ever-evolving complexity of different working environments, it is more important than ever to apply the breadth of different learning methods available. When considering how to enhance your online learning and development resources, we suggest to consider the different type of learners & styles.

The four core learning styles include visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinaesthetic.

  • Visual learners respond well to graphics and videos.
  • Auditory learners do best when listening to content.
  • Reading-focused learners excel with text-based information, be it through reading or writing.
  • Kinaesthetic learners use their senses to learn via hands-on experiences.

The question is, how can we implement these learning styles in an online environment? Resolution can provide bespoke software systems and tailored video production that will encapsulate all four learning methods to ensure increased employee job satisfaction, employee morale, memory retention and enhanced communication. Here are some reasons why:

Ditch the PowerPoint

Whilst PowerPoint provides a quick and easy solution to compiling learning resources, this method is often plagued by a lack of variety in learning styles and can be boring and tedious for the learner. Video-based learning and bespoke online systems provide an interactive and easy-to-retain method of learning. A presenter-led format with onsite filming blends the typical instructor-led format with visual content, appealing to both visual and auditory learners. As well as this, short video modules followed by questions appeals to reading-focused learners. 

What’s more, a virtual studio means that the information is easily updateable, and communication tools can be implemented to ensure employees feel connected to the team.

Online systems can integrate visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic aspects all in one. Our clients have found short video-based modules followed by questions are the most effective way to ensure the learner remains engaged. Get in touch if you want to discuss creating a bespoke learning system.

Eliminate ‘First Day Fear’

New-starter inductions and onboarding are meant to ease new employees into their roles, however often these are delivered on-site via PowerPoint. Having an online induction system means that new employees are familiarised with the workplace, its culture, ethos, and ways of working before arriving on the first day and can help to ease the dreaded ‘first day fear’. 

Our virtual studio can incorporate a company-branded background, meaning that the new starter will instantly feel a part of the company culture even before starting. Alongside this, we recommend onsite filming so that the learner can know what to expect before the first day. 


We believe that the move towards digitisation does not mean that learners should be disconnected from the team. Many people ask us, how can we ensure learners feel involved and heard when it comes to online learning? The answer is simple: our team can work with you to integrate the necessary tools for enhanced communication. Whether that is a direct communication tool, email alerts, or linking the learning system to your method of communication, we can provide solutions to overcome communication problems you may encounter when implementing an online learning system. 


Learning and development in the workplace are ever-evolving and to develop your strategy, the consideration of learning methods when enhancing digital learning resources in the workplace is extremely important. The Resolution team are always happy to discuss how you can use bespoke video and software solutions to enhance your online learning and development strategy. Whether it’s online induction systems, bespoke video content, or bespoke learning and communication software, investing in online resources can help employees to continue building the skills and knowledge that is needed to create a positive, productive workplace.

Feel free to get in touch with our expert team if you want to have a chat about improving your learning approach, implement a new system, update old systems and create a positive learning environment. 

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