The many uses of corporate videos

In our previous blog we explored “What is a corporate video”. In this post we explore the many uses of corporate videos. 


How can I use a Corporate Video in my business?

There are many ways in which your company can benefit from Corporate Videos. This could be anything from explaining your services, celebrating company achievements or activities, sales presentations and of course telling your companies story. Regardless of it’s content videos will continuously and consistently deliver your message to your clients or staff. Websites are becoming a more popular place now to watch corporate videos. This is due to fact that customers prefer to watch informational videos at their own pace. Having this video option on your website in turn makes viewers stay on your website longer which then benefits conversion rates.

Uses of Corporate Videos: –

PR communications:

Corporate Video affords your organisation the ability to integrate company media releases into your own website as well as distribute them more easily onto television broadcast. Video presents companies with a way of directly engaging with a desired audience and ensuring your message is heard.

See this short promotional corporate video produced by us for Pattesons Glass. This was made for the company to promote its success, the journey they took to get there and to briefly showcase the different elements of the company.

Organisational briefings:

Another added benefit of corporate video is that it allows you to more efficiently communicate with your business shareholders, workforce and other affiliates in a compelling and an engaging way, which retains their attention and loyalty.

Corporate events:

Any company related event such as  presentations, conferences, seminars, product demonstrations, all lend themselves ideally into video.

Trade shows and Networking:

Trade shows are an excellent way for all companies to exhibit themselves and gain a market share. Using high-impact exhibition videos effortlessly reinforces your company’s brand, messages, and products and attracts more visitors to your exhibit. As a result presenting you and your staff the opportunity to convert those leads into prospects.

Organisational-based tours:

These are not just limited to showing off the sights of some exotic country, in fact company video tours are becoming popular. They are adapted to offer a comprehensive view of a company’s products, processes or procedures to showcase to staff members, affiliates, shareholders, media and members of the public.


Want to get the very best candidates? Why not show off just how inventive your company is by creating a corporate video advertising any vacant job roles. This adds a much-needed personal touch, and also gives you the chance to show off your business giving candidates an insight into the place that they could work. Candidates can visualise themselves in your workplace through video, something text alone can never achieve.


A great marketing technique is to get your customers to give you positive feedback. This has been proven more successful when used in video. Customers respond more to real world feedback; from hearing previous customer experience new leads are more likely to make a purchase and trust your brand.

See this testimonial we created with a different take. The company Cristal was given an Award for Environmental Excellence, the idea of this video was to champion Cristal’s achievement as a testament to itself.


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