We create completely customisable online induction software designed to significantly improve your company’s Environment, Health and Safety processes.

Established in 2005, Resolution Digital are a leading, multidisciplinary team of software developers and video producers.

Beyond Online Induction

Our bespoke online induction software is at the centre of a diverse range of hardware and software, plugins, adaptations and expansions that utilise many different technologies, enabling integration with ANPR, CCTV, AI, Access Control, Time and Attendance and much more.

Online Induction with next generation integration and flexibility.

Custom Online Induction Software

We understand that one-size-fits-all does not apply when it comes to health and safety.

That’s why we create completely customisable online health and safety induction software, designed to save money, time and reduce mistakes made with manual processes.

We also offer a variety of plugins that enhance your platform’s capabilities, including online training, emergency evacuation, competency management and gate access control.

Emergency Evacuation

When it comes to safety, there’s no room for compromise. In the event of an evacuation, it is crucial to have an efficient and reliable system in place to account for everyone and identify missing personnel promptly.

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Site Access Control

Advanced software that manages entry permissions, granting authorised individuals access to designated areas. Features real-time monitoring, ensuring heightened security.

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Competency Management System

Define your own competency frameworks, assessment criteria and reporting metrics with our custom competency management software.

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Health and Safety Hardware Solutions

We offer a range of hardware designed to support health and safety on your site.

Our products, including Induction Pods, ID Cards and Printers, enhance your digital safety infrastructure and ensure smooth operations day-to-day.

Our portable hardware consolidates your safety software onto an easy-to-use device that links directly to your health and safety software. Equally, this allows for direct reporting and real-time insights, giving your team the tools they need to be completely compliant.

ID Card Printers

Devices specialised in producing high-quality, durable identification cards. Essential for businesses and institutions, ensuring security, professionalism, and brand consistency.

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Admin Mini

A unique mobile device dedicated to administering your Turnstyle software.

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Induction Pod

Streamline Induction delivery by using a dedicated Induction Pod.

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Professional Video Production

Our team has over 20 years of experience in media production.

High-quality, on-location footage is the key to impactful online health and safety inductions. That’s why we combine custom health and safety software development with expert video production – all done in-house.

Take advantage of our industry-leading equipment and green screen studio facility located in Scunthorpe, available both for hire and for use in your projects.

Whether it’s initial filming or detailed post-production, we are equipped to handle all aspects of your video needs.

Corporate Video

Professional service crafting compelling visual content for businesses. From brand stories to instructional videos, these productions enhance corporate visibility and communication.

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Green Screen Studio Hire

Rental of our fully-equipped chromakey green room, allowing filmmakers to superimpose varied backgrounds during post-production. Perfect for creative video projects requiring controlled environments.

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Drone Video & Photography

Capturing stunning aerial views, drone photography and videography offer unique perspectives for events, real estate, and film projects. Ideal for elevating visual storytelling.

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