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Why would having an Online Induction System be beneficial?

In our previous article, we mentioned the benefits of Online Induction Training. However, in this article, we’re going to go into more depth about the systems behind the processes, and look at what an Online Induction System can do for every company, regardless of their size.

What is an Online Induction System?

Visitor Induction

An Online Induction is the process whereby employees, contractors or visitors can be educated about the site safety precautions, emergency contacts or how to operate machinery etc. that relate to their workplace. These inductions work better tailored to your company’s specific needs and are kept short and to the point.

An induction process is crucial when engaging with your employees and contractors in the workplace. It’s vital that everyone is given the tools to understand the company and regulatory procedures and an Online Induction System does just that – establishing the workplace culture, improving safety and risk awareness; plus it’s a great way for your workforce to keep up to date on certifications and insurances.


You can use your Online Induction System in a way that best suits your company. If you have lots of visitors to the site who need to be kept up-to-date with all your own site regulations and procedures, then this is the perfect way to achieve this without time-consuming administration. Of course, there’s the obvious uses too: for inducting new and current staff and contractors, keeping their qualifications up-to-date, communicating new company procedures and policies or it can house continuing CPD and e.learning modules too, allowing people to return and work through at their own pace.

Why Have an Induction Online?

Health and Safety within the workplace is crucial. Without it, you could be placing you and those around you at risk of harm. Failing to meet Government HSE standards will bring risk of punitive sanctions and fines for the company too.

A workplace accident costs money – from lost work hours, to damage to equipment, and to damage the company reputation costing future business. You could incur legal penalties, and your workforce could also legally seek compensation from you if they can prove you have acted irresponsibly, or failed in your duties to train them adequately. Maintaining a safe working environment and explaining the risks and hazards to your workforce from day one will avoid sanctions and bring positive outcomes for productivity as employees and contractors can get stuck into the job as soon as they arrive on site.

Visitor Induction

Whether you’ve got lots of employees or just a few, you are responsible for their wellbeing, and your own reputation. Having an online induction means that they can refer

back to this at any time if they have any questions about their job, and it lets you know that they’ve completed each section adequately and that you have a correctly trained workforce.

Online induction can be completed at their own pace and its a reference point for the future, helping them to adapt to their role better, improving morale whilst saving you

both money and time.


Making your workforce feel respected and valued as an employee motivates and will help increase performance levels, but will also boost staff retention. An induction is one of the first connections with your company so it is important to make the right impression – offering a warm welcome and elevating the rapport with your workforce and visitors.

The res.digital Turnstyle Online Induction System software is tailored to your company requirements, branded with your own company image and the content filmed on location to familiarise people with the site working environments, risks and hazards. From Day one they will be familiar with the site rules, the key safety precautions and you have the assurance they will work safely. The software system records their activity .. a valuable, tangible, asset for future reference, storing compliance certificates and much more.

Turnstyle Interface

As many as 25% of new employees decide to either stay with a workplace or to quit their new job altogether, within their first week of working. This can be prevented by providing substantial, thorough, induction training in a virtual environment before they’ve even turned up for their first day at work – if they know everything ahead of time, they’re far less likely to quit in those important early days.


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