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A New Year and A New Start In The Workplace

Firstly everyone at Resolution wishes you and your workforce a Happy New Year and a positive New Start.

We know after coming back from the Christmas and New Year period that work is that last thing on your employee’s minds, particularly Health and Safety procedures. The majority of employees will be effectively weaning themselves back into their respective positions and settling back into the protocols. Not forgetting chatting about their holidays.

As an employer the Health and safety at work act 1974 states that you must provide your workforce with a safe and healthy workplace. One key responsibility is informing workers both new and existing staff, fully about all potential hazards associated with any work process, chemical substance or activity, including providing instruction, training and supervision.

Here are some helpful reminders to ensure safety in the New Year.


Research the safety concerns that your company has discovered over the year. This includes near misses and environmental conditions that may have the potential lead to something more serious. Ask yourself the question “What can you do to address these concerns?”


Once you have identified any concerns, make sure you set out goals to enable your company to rectify these. These need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely targets or SMART.


A way in which can help your company to easily address any health and safety issues and save time and money in the long run, is through using an Online Induction System.

Poor training can often be the cause of most workplace incidents. In our previous blog we explore just how poor training can have an affect on your workforce.  Most companies still use the traditional Face-to-Face training method; this is more costly in terms of money and time spent. In addition to this research has shown that the level of learning and retention is all down to how capable the trainer is. See more about Why Face-to-Face training doesn’t work.

Businesses could save on average roughly £15,000 per annum by investing in an Online Induction System. Even more if you factor in staff replacements, according to HR Review, the average cost of replacing a member of staff is over £30,000. Online negates the need for hiring external trainers and having to take time away from busy HR or Health and Safety staff by sending them to train inductees instead. Their time can now be better spent elsewhere allowing greater staff efficiency and productivity on site.

An Online Induction System is a future proof investment with most health and safety laws and procedures lasting a matter of years before they are changed. This software system is a one off cost solution for a consistent programme that measures results, is always up to date and much easier to follow by all staff members. Also should it ever need updating, this can be done quickly and at a low cost.

The Benefits Of Online Induction At A Glance.


When it comes to learning and information retention, we all are different. Online induction training accommodates all learning styles, allowing learners to digest information in their own way.


The use of technology in the workplace is the norm for business communications and operations. So why shouldn’t that be the case for learning & development as well?  We can deliver Online Training on all devices such as smart phones and tablets making learning even more convenient.

There are no longer any excuses for not completing training.


The use of interactivity in workplace online training has transformed the way users learn, and is becoming more common. Interactivity in online training can actually result in greater learner engagement and knowledge retention.


Face-to-face induction trainers often cannot have a clear enough understanding of which elements of the training are critical. Our designers aid in creating bespoke online training courses that are both engaging and informative. We establish the desired learner outcomes as well as key material prior to the training course being developed.

​This ensures that all content within a course is in line with the predetermined learning goals, and compatible with every user.


In any face-to-face training, it is difficult to determine which learners have understood the information presented in the training. Online training delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) enables a live reporting functionality.

​An online system is easily the most effective way of making sure that your employees are properly inducted and compliant.

See more on why you should use Online Induction Systems and what Elearning and Induction can offer you. Find out how we can help you.


Goals are designed to address your company needs, use the SMART choice, and don’t forget to involve everyone in the company. If staff aren’t involved both verbally and visually in what the site risks are then these goals will be pointless.


If you have any more questions or would like to speak to one of our team about Online Induction Systems, then give us a call or email at [email protected]

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