INEOS: Developing a Large-Scale Online Induction Platform at Saltend Chemicals Park

Client Overview

INEOS, a prominent leader in the chemicals industry, expanded its operations in 2019 by investing £150 million in a facility located at the Saltend Chemicals Park in Hull, UK.

This strategic investment boosted the local economy by creating 40 new jobs, effectively doubling the workforce at the site.

The expansion necessitated the induction of new employees, contractors and visitors, ensuring they were familiar with the company’s safety protocols and operational procedures.

Sunny day at Saltend Chemicals Park, Hull

Sun shining through the clouds on filming day one at Saltend Chemicals Park.

The Brief

INEOS required an online induction system that was robust, easily accessible and capable of handling an unlimited number of users to handle the high volume of footfall on the site.

The system needed to ensure compliance with legal safety standards, offer consistent training quality and be adaptable to continuous updates and assessments.

INEOS also aimed to reduce operational costs associated with traditional face-to-face inductions while enhancing the safety and preparedness of its growing team.

Our Solution

To meet INEOS’s brief, we developed a custom online induction platform tailored to the complex environment of a chemical manufacturing plant. The platform featured the following key elements:

Unlimited Users

Designed to efficiently manage a large number of users, their system has no limit to the number of times it can be used or how many inductees can take it.

Content Management System

Allowed INEOS administrators to update induction materials and protocols as needed without external assistance.

Assessment and Tracking

Integrated quizzes and assessments to verify the understanding of the induction material, with automated tracking of progress and completion.

24/7 Accessibility

Cloud-based access enables inductees to complete the training round the clock.

Compliance and Reporting Tools

Ensure all training activities are logged and reported for audit purposes, aiding compliance with health and safety regulations.

Filming the control room for an online health and safety induction system

Filming in the control room as part of the employee induction video.

The Outcome

The implementation of the custom online induction system significantly transformed the induction process at INEOS’s Hull facility. The key outcomes included:

Reduced Operational Costs

The move from in-person training sessions to an online platform resulted in substantial savings in trainer fees and time spent on training.

Consistent Training Experience

Every participant now receives the same high-quality training, which improves compliance with safety standards and operational procedures.

Flexibility and Scalability

The system’s ability to handle an unlimited number of users simultaneously allows INEOS to efficiently manage workforce expansions without additional resources.

As a result, INEOS’s bespoke system not only complies with legal requirements but also fosters a safer, more informed workplace environment.

The success of the project established a strong foundation for future expansions and serves as a benchmark for similar facilities within the chemical industry.

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