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Why face to face training doesn’t work

The top reasons why face to face training doesn’t work

Employers, all aim to provide employees with training and induction sessions that take place within working hours.

It’s great for all employers to encourage workplace learning and induction. It is also important to roll it out in the most effective way. Otherwise its benefits will begin to fade over time, bringing your staff back to square one and wasting time and money.

Sound familiar? here’s a look at some of the reasons why face to face workplace learning fails:-

Learners can easily forget

Employees are expected to sit through training sessions that involve them being spoken to via a facilitator with little involvement. This often leads to lack of understanding from new concepts and the inability to apply this to real working situations. This is due to lack of practice and the ability to retain verbal information.

It’s more likely that staff will return to their position and forget most of what they’ve learned in the training session. Research has shown everyone learns at a different pace and have different learning styles. Audio , Visual and Kinesthetic.

Therefore, it is vital to improve retention. By giving your staff better practice through simulations, multiple choice questions and scenarios this is achieved. Being able to apply what they are learning, will help staff to remember what they have been taught and utilise it in the workplace effectively in the future.

No training follow ups

As well as providing training or inductions, you must also include a follow up. This helps to remind your colleagues to apply what they have learned in the workplace and offer them an opportunity to relearn what may have been forgotten. Additionally, to support the learning and performance process and ensure safe practices.

On-the-job learning is not utilised

Employers shouldn’t lose sight of the importance of on-the-job learning, particularly where health and safety is concerned. This is where induction training comes in. Having an consistent reminder of site protocols can help your employees to work together more safely and efficiently and for your services to run more smoothly. By using an online learning system consisting of training videos , questions and simulations any on the job training can be completed when necessary. Something traditional face to face training can not provide.

Not only does this help employees, it will also transform your organisation.

Poor measurement

Another reason why face to face workplace learning fails is due to poor measurement and record keeping. Often no assessments are taken from face to face training and in the cases whereby data is obtained there’s a failure to pass this onto the required departments.

It’s crucial for employers to monitor staff progress to see how well they apply what they have learned. Using online learning or induction systems overcomes this failure. Online systems store accurate data from trainees and relay this onto all departments. Furthermore records can be access quickly and provide thorough feedback.


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