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The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions

The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions

Induction programmes for new employees are extremely important for any business, and delivering an effective induction training program should be an integral part of your companies strategy. We take a look at the importance of induction training, and how induction training software can benefit your business.

Getting started – The basics of induction training software

The core purpose of a company induction programme is to educate staff, contractors, visitors and new starters with important knowledge on the business and their role. Every company is different and induction training software can vary covering a wide array of materials and policies, such as: –

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Company culture and ethos
  • Employee responsibilities
  • In-house systems
  • Code of conduct
  • Company history
  • Compliance training
  • Understanding the service or product

Some company inductions can be much more streamlined, educating inductees on one subject in-depth; such as on-site Health and Safety.


What is the importance of induction training software?

Induction training affords your team and site visitors with the skills to get their jobs done safely and more efficiently. Improving your induction program for new employees will really help them to settle into your business more quickly.

Productivity is a fundamental component to a successful business, and staff that feel comfortable and safe in their environment have been proven to possess higher productivity levels.

By investing time and money into induction training software for your workforce, it shows you value them, which in turn, can improve loyalty and staff retention, saving your business money in staff turnovers.


How can induction training software benefit your company?

  • Improves Workforce Efficiency

Induction training is a great way for your team to develop new skills, increase their productivity and motivation and ultimately increase their contributions to your business.

  • Reduces Staff Turnover

A recent survey showed that 40% of employees leave their job in the first year if they don’t receive adequate training (Source: go2HR). Whereas new employees that do receive induction training and further development are more likely to stay and progress within the company. Additionally, employees feel respected and valued.

  • Attracts Talent

Businesses that do have good employee benefits often attract the best candidates, meaning better quality staff for your business.

  • Saves Time & Money

Induction training is the first program in which an inductee participates with your company. Induction training software provides staff and visitors alike, all the information needed to start performing their duties, quickly, safely and efficiently. Saving your business a lot of time and money.

  • Improves Communication

Letting everyone know who is in the company and their first point of contact, sets the basis for good employee/management communication. Instilling a level of confidence for where they sit within their teams and leaders.

  • Safe Environment

Providing staff and visitors vital knowledge on their working environment, responsibilities, job role and site health and safety procedures, reduces potential risks and injuries whilst on site.


Company Inductions Using Induction Training Software

Induction training software, is a great way to train staff, visitors and contractors on their roles in a company. It increases employee retention, overall performance and job satisfaction, benefiting both the business and inductee. Revolutionising the way you conduct your company inductions will significantly improve staff and visitors initial thoughts about your business, their expectations and give them the tools to make a great start at your company.

To find out more on how to develop and improve your induction system see our other blogs, and if you want to chat about an induction program for new employees then give us a call.

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