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How Can eLearning Help Improve Relations With Your Workforce?

The health and safety of employees should always be a top priority for any business and with simple steps you can avoid many common health and safety issues in the workplace.

Some of the most common health and safety issues include slips, trips and falls; musculoskeletal disorders and stress. By taking measures to prevent these issues, businesses can create a safer work environment, creating a happier workplace, which can then result in increasing your workforce retention.

Online Inductions

Online inductions offer much more than getting through the important first day issues – like offering site safety through muster point checks or housing evidence of your workforce qualifications for example. Turnstyle, the bespoke system built here at Resolution, is designed to meet the specific requirements of individual organisations. There isn’t a one size fits all and in the same way you offer your own clients a custom-built solution, our online digital inductions do this too.


But how can you help avoid the common health and safety issues onsite or in the office. That’s simple – by creating short eLearning modules offering clear, concise advice around the type of hazards that can be encountered at work.

1.Manual handling for example is an inherent issue that affects everyone in the workplace, regardless of the job they do and, according to the HSE, accounts for a third of workplace injuries. Bending down to pick up something dropped on the floor can, if not done correctly, cause back spasms, and this can happen in any workplace, office, shop floor or out on site. Reminding people with a clear video-based eLearning message to bend at the knee and check whether the weight of the lift needs two people for example can help reduce the time spent off work with muscular problems.


2. Consider stress in the workplace – how do you recognise signs someone is not coping? According to research carried out by Ciphr in 2021 as many as 1 in 14 adults experience stress every day at work. There’s basic information for management online to refer to, but it’s something we can all watch out for. Advising your whole workforce on what to look out for – like someone becoming distant – can help bring things to the attention of the right person and by relating this directly to your own organisation will elevate the understanding of your audience. A word in the right ear that something isn’t right can really help, without causing major problems for the people concerned, but sometimes people just need reminding to look out for each other.

Bespoke eLearning

General off the shelf eLearning out there, but will it fit your own workplace and can it form part of your induction process? How rapidly can you deliver updates or reminders if an accident does happen on site? Many organisations have very specific hazards or issues that are linked to their sector – think about the expanding renewables sector or the COMAH regulations for example.

In the same way a bespoke health and safety induction can elevate the message, adding a bespoke online eLearning module will offer similar results, demonstrating the company genuinely care and are not just ‘ticking boxes’. Featuring the specific issues faced on site, or on the shop floor, and including sequences that your people will recognise as being about them will increase the impact of your messages. Plus, when combining this with an already embedded online induction culture, is the best way of getting a message across the whole company.

Resolution can advise the right way of doing this – how to include professionally produced digital eLearning that will not only deliver the message direct to your workforce, but that will maintain a constant up-to-date record to show its been seen. For more information contact us today.

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