Creating A Successful Online Video

Online habits are changing and more people than ever are watching videos online each year. According to reports 81% of companies now feature and are creating video for their website and grow revenue by 49% each year.

There are a number of success stories of Online Videos going viral.

A recent campaign from Volkswagen, for example, saw its online campaign videos gain a combined viewership of 155 million hits. This may seem out of reach for companies with smaller budgets, but it’s NOT just for BIG businesses…

Even the smallest business CAN benefit from an online video’s inherent shareability. Engage your viewers and they will share the video with others. They will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand. For any social media campaign, any SEO strategy, video is without doubt one of the best tools.

So why not use the power of online video to promote your business?

An essential part of any marketing or brand building strategy, nothing inspires confidence, builds engagement, and attracts traffic to your website better than great online video.

High- impact short films are the most effective way to engage with your customers. People love to share with their friends and video is the most effective way to gather social likes and shares.

Here are some tips for creating a great Online Videos that get results:

  1. Invest in a high production quality. The quality of the video matters to your audience, even if you can’t hire a professional; don’t reduce your budget.
  2. Always be as clear about who your video is aimed at. Are you selling to potential customers or trying to get new leads? Maybe your video is for simply raising brand awareness? Make sure you create a video that matches your message.
  3. One of the most important steps to making a good video that people want to watch is by telling a compelling story. Make sure you have a good script and the right cast for your videos message. People don’t always want to see a CEO in front of the camera if it’s not relevant.
  4. Consider your location. It is important that you pick the right setting for your message and not just because it looks nice.
  5. Research into whether you want the video “Hosting” online or “Posting” online. Do you want people to spend more time on your website by hosting a video playlist or to encourage video subscriptions. Or do you just want to post your videos on platforms like YouTube?
  6. Don’t forget social media. Learn the current trends, by doing this you will know if posting your video everywhere works or if it is best to stick to certain channels. Additionally you’ll be able to spot if it good to post or wait until someone else has tested the waters.
  7. Create a full transcript of your video to avoid any SEO shortfalls.
  8. Also always monitor audience behaviour, this could help you refine your video or optimise future video strategies.


 Head to our blog; Why Online Video Is Great For Business. To see some of our online video examples.


Things to consider…

Knowing when and where to use online video – There are times when your audience might prefer to read a brief article rather than watch a video.

Research your online strategy – Considering how crowded the online video market is, just because your business has the budget and resources to create high-quality video content, doesn’t mean your efforts will automatically achieve the desired recognition and results.

Getting it right is crucial – While video can offer so much for your marketing strategy it is not the easiest technique to master or manage.

Low quality content will cost you MORE – While smartphone cameras and low-cost editing tools have made this more affordable than ever, if you want your video content to be seen as professional and authoritative by customers, you need to have a certain standard. Publishing low-end videos will cost you lot more than just money. To achieve the right standard to entice customers this means investing in good quality cameras, editing software, lighting, and sound equipment, as well as hiring in specialised experts to handle the video production.


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