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What Is A Construction Site Induction?

Construction inductions are a required element when any worker, subcontractor or visitor enters a construction site. What exactly is an induction though, and what does it entail? Lucky for you, we have been creating online construction inductions for a number of years and are therefore very experienced in the field! Let’s have a look all about construction induction software in more detail.

What does a construction site induction involve?

One thing that you need to be aware of is that construction site inductions are a legal requirement. There is no avoiding them, and you must treat them with the utmost importance. In essence, a building site induction is a safety briefing that is given to workers before they start a project. Things like hazards they may be exposed to are mentioned, as well as any particular health & safety rules that they need to adhere to. It is important that everyone on the site works safely – not only to keep themselves safe, but also the others around them.

Think of a construction site induction as being similar to the type of induction you receive as a new employee. You are shown around the workplace, you meet the team, are told where you can find things, and who to report to. The main difference with a construction site induction is that you need to have one of these every time you start work on a new site, not just once.

Rapidly changing environment

One of the unique things about the construction industry is that the environment is always changing. As the project progresses and things are built, the site evolves rapidly and other health and safety challenges arise. A construction site doesn’t last forever – once a build is finished, the site serves a new purpose and construction workers move onto the next site.

It is also important to note that no two construction sites are the same, so require different levels of induction depending on the potential hazards that could crop up. This means that workers do not have much time to familiarise themselves with the new environment, so the building site induction software needs to be very thorough. This doesn’t actually have to be carried out on the site either. With the introduction of online inductions, site workers can carry out the induction before they even arrive for work. Saving the business a lot of time and money.

Taking inductions online with construction induction software

Our Turnstyle induction system allows both staff and visitors to be inducted quicker so they can get to work faster. It links together all aspects of the induction process in a way that is simple and easy for workers to follow. With an integrated Management Dashboard, you can see at a glance which workers on site have completed the construction induction software, and are therefore compliant, and also anyone whose training has expired.

This online induction training software also helps to significantly reduce the level of administration needed to make sure everyone on site is safe. Workers are able to complete their construction site induction before they even arrive on site (which saves masses of paperwork on the first day). Workers are also able to upload their relevant documents and certificates to the software before they arrive. Allowing you to quickly see who is permitted to be on site.

Looking for bespoke building site inductions?

Your wish is our command! If you find that Turnstyle doesn’t quite have all the features you require to carry out your construction site inductions, we can create a bespoke induction system tailored to the needs of your business. With a cloud-based induction system software, your workforce can be inducted at any time, from any location.

We can even add a language feature to your online construction induction software if you have a mixed workforce, to prevent any language barriers from stopping your team from completing their building site induction. That saves a lot of time and money that you would need to invest in an on-site translator!

Of course if you have any other requirements that are specific to your business we are more than happy to discuss a solution for you. For more information about the online construction induction software that we develop, feel free to give us a call on 01724 376002 or fill in our contact form.

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