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Avoiding Common Health & Safety Issues In The Workplace

HSE statistics demonstrate that each year, over a million workers suffer injuries or are made ill by their work in Great Britain. Workplace injury and illness can have serious effects on workers and their families lives, as well as their employers. In the same study, the latest estimates show that the cost of workplace injury and ill health in 2018/19 were around £16.2bn. The sheer effect on human life, as well as the legal complications, mean that the prevention of accidents, staying up-to-date with changing regulations and investing in a rigid health and safety strategy is paramount to any organisation.

This article will explore how your business can deter workplace safety issues as well as where to invest your time and money.

What are the most common health and safety issues in the workplace?

1. Slips and trips and falls from height

According to the HSE, the most common cause of serious injury at work are slips and trips and falls from height. Exposed wires, loose flooring, and unstable ladders are amongst some of the many hazards that can result in a slip or fall. Ensuring your workforce is aware of the possible hazards and their risks and having a procedure set in place is an important step in the prevention of these accidents.

2. Manual handling

Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. Injuries can include musculoskeletal disorders such as pain and injuries to arms, legs and joints. Injuries as a result of manual handlining can have serious implications for the employer as well as the injured worker. When lifting and using specialist equipment, many considerations should be taken into account such as individual capability and comprehensive training.

3. Fire safety

Fire safety is essential to any workplace. Any business must take fire safety precautions such as checking power cords and monitoring electrical devices. It is also vital that all employees know where fire extinguishers and muster points on site. What’s more, a standardised and robust fire safety procedure is key to any health and safety strategy.

4. Stress 

Stress-related issues are a huge problem in the workplace and are only of recent being taken into account. Despite this, it is a serious issue that must be address. According to the HSE, stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health in 2019/20, 17.9 million and 8.9 million respectively.  Looking after both a worker’s mental and physical health is key.

How Resolution Digital can help

Resolution Digital specialises in creating bespoke, digital solutions that help organisations streamline their health and safety strategies. The implementation of an online system will ensure nothing is missed through a comprehensive record of important documentation, as well ensured delivery inductions and training among other aspects. 

Online inductions

Implementing an online induction system has a plethora of benefits. Workplace risks such as slips and trips, falls from height, manual handling and fire safety procedures can be deterred by having a video-based digital suite of videos that outline key site hazards and procedures. Taking the inductions online relieve the tedium of delivering continual inductions, but more importantly offer improvements to productivity by having the workforce arrive on-site, day one, having already completed the site health and safety induction.

Other benefits would relate to having a comprehensive induction record should a need arise to refer to this which would prove useful during HSE spot checks for example. Monitoring the progress of your workforce can be instrumental in ensuring that upon arrival onsite, they are aware of the possible hazards and the correct procedures for each specific site.

Bespoke video

Workplace hazards are often explained and briefed via PowerPoint presentation. Whilst PowerPoint is quick and easy, it is often not enough to provide a comprehensive explanation of what needs to be done to ensure the safest working environment. Resolution’s expert team of video producers work with you to create blended a learning environment through bespoke video

Our virtual green screen studio environment offers a unique learning experience for the user which is more engaging and easier to update. Alongside this, onsite filming familiarises the worker with specific site hazards so they know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

Access control

Resolution’s software can also link to access control. This can be particularly useful for fire safety, linking muster points to bespoke software for your organisation can ensure that in case of an emergency, information can be pulled immediately to who is on site at any time. This can also be linked to time and attendance as well as making sure that everyone onsite has completed their induction.

Our team are always happy to discuss how we can help organisations reduce health and safety risks in the workplace through software and video. Get in touch today.


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