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5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction in 2023

The 4-day work week, summer working hours, extended weekends. Companies are searching for modern ways to improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction whilst keeping productivity at an all-time high. And we are fully on board.


According to Forbes’ Five Fundamentals of Employee Satisfaction, employers and employees alike are seeking a workplace that exceeds “meeting expectations”. But what exactly are candidates looking for? From more favourable working hours to improved training and induction systems, read on to find out how companies can exceed expectations when it comes to employee satisfaction.

In June 2022, 61 UK companies took part in the 4-day work week trial with the aim to improve productivity and employee satisfaction without any loss in wages. In short, employees worked four days per week and still earned 100% of their salary. And the results were game-changing.


Of the 61 companies that participated, 92% are continuing with the four-day week, with 18 confirming the policy is a permanent change.


‘Before and after’ data shows that 39% of employees were less stressed, and 71% had reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial. Likewise, levels of anxiety, fatigue and sleep issues decreased, while mental and physical health both improved.


The number of staff leaving participating companies decreased significantly, dropping by 57% over the trial period.


Boosting productivity, revenue, satisfaction and work-life balance: the 4-day work week is a win-win for both companies and employees.


Although not all companies may be able to adopt a 4-day work week currently, employers can still reap the rewards of the trial’s success by:


  • Considering more flexible hours: Trusting employees by giving them more autonomy over their schedules may mean that they can better manage their workload, which can lead to increased productivity whilst avoiding burnout.


  • Offering Summer Working Hours: Summer working hours are a flexible schedule that allows employees to work their normal hours Monday to Thursday and finish early on Fridays, or work compressed hours across four days. Companies like Kellogg’s, ASOS, and PwC have implemented summer working hours with promising results. Kellogg’s outlines that employees who have a good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don’t, according to a study by Sage. With this in mind, offering summer working hours can be a great way for companies to test the waters of a four-day week and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Have you ever started a new job and found yourself walking into a situation where your manager was completely unprepared for your arrival? This can leave you feeling lost and unsure about what to expect from your new role and employer.

The initial connection between a new hire and a company can significantly impact employee retention rates and overall satisfaction. This is why first impressions matter.


However, only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organisation does a great job onboarding new employees. It’s crucial not to overlook the onboarding and induction process, as it establishes the foundation of employee satisfaction and sets the tone for the future.


Why leave the effort that went into the recruitment process at the door on day one? Continuing the momentum with a solid employee onboarding structure is essential.


  • Preboard new hires: According to Forbes’ Best Onboarding Practices, preboarding new starters involves starting an employee’s onboarding experience prior to their first day to keep them engaged and prepared.


  • The Power of Video: Sending over an introductory video prior to their arrival can make a world of difference. Such videos can include an introduction to the company and its ethos, a tour of the premises, an overview of their role, and who they will be working with. This investment in video production can set the tone for high employee satisfaction in their role.


  • Online Induction Systems:Increasingly more organisations are investing in online induction systems to enhance onboarding before the first day. Having a bespoke company induction system can certainly impress employees, giving them a centralised place for their important documentationvideo resources, health and safety information and more.


  • Regular Check-ins: In addition to providing a comprehensive onboarding experience, it’s also essential to ensure ongoing support and development for new hires. Regular check-ins and opportunities for feedback and growth throughout the onboarding process and the longevity of their role can go a long way in boosting employee satisfaction and retention rates.

After successfully bringing a happy employee on board, how can you ensure their continued satisfaction?


Continued learning and development is key, with 89% of millennials considering constant growth and learning in their jobs a non-negotiable. What’s more, insufficient opportunities for growth and development rank as the most significant reason they leave their jobs.


Companies are soon realising the importance of offering ongoing training and support, and many are leveraging the power of online learning software to provide employees with access to educational resources and career advancement opportunities.


Online training platforms have several benefits such as:


  • Interactivity and improved engagement through company-specific video resources.
  • Communication and performance feedback options.
  • A personalised and intuitive dashboard to efficiently monitor progress.
  • The ability to easily keep training up to date.


Investing in learning and development not only ensures that employees are continuously growing and developing their skills, but companies can show their commitment to employee growth and development, which can lead to higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


In a Nutshell: 5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction in 2023


  1. Revisit Your Working Hours:Whether it be a 4-day work week or simply more flexible working schedule, find a method that works for you.


  1. Preboard Your Employees: Create engagement and excitement before their first day.


  1. Revamp Your Induction Process: Make a positive first impression by investing in your induction process, considering online and video resources.


  1. Invest in Employee Training: By investing in your employees’ growth, you create a supportive environment that fosters their success. It’s a win-win!


  1. Engage with Employees: Regular communication, including check-ins, reviews, and meetings, can boost employee engagement by showing them that their opinions are valued.


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