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Why Elearning is ideal to maintain a happy & safe workforce

Elearning if done right improves employee performance, generates profit and saves your business money in the long run. Using online training systems (Elearning) dramatically reduces the need for any additional expenses such as travel costs, learning aids and trainer frees. Investing in Elearning for your workforce is a key factor in maintaining a happy, productive and safe workforce and working environment.

Many companies still don’t fully understand the value of Elearning. This seems a common mistake, as more and more people are now joining the world of online learning, understanding its value helps you make the best decisions about when and why to use it to better achieve a more productive workforce.

Just what are the key benefits of Elearning?

We explore the benefits to both the employer and employee.

Productivity – An employee that feels their skills are valued posses a more positive attitude, employees tend to take more interest in what they do and deliver. Consequently, they produce better quality work with minimum errors. This improves their overall output as well as productivity.

Team work – Having valued and well trained employees help to build effective teams where all the members are united and work for a common cause. Employees are more likely to appreciate each other’s competencies and work as a team when this culture is introduced to the workplace. Nothing deters staff more then having to compensate for inadequate colleagues.

Reduced training costs – Producing learning content is time consuming whether it’s online or not.  With Elearning, each time the course is accessed your return on investment improves because you are dividing the fixed production costs by number of uses.  In addition your business benefits from savings through decreased travel, reduced learning material fees, less staff working hours lost, and improved (and more efficient) performance.

Consistent training –  You may have a great facilitator, but that’s no guarantee that the courses are presented the same across sessions.  Elearning allows you to create a standardised process and consistency in the delivery of content.

Flexible and effective learning – Elearning can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Eliminating the need for staff to align their schedules with live training sessions, and to complete training in their own time and at their own pace. Elearning lets staff fail their first attempts without fear. Lets face it real learning usually involves some failure as you learn, but no one likes to fail in a classroom full of other people. With Elearning this ability to start over encourages exploration and testing of ideas, to help staff develop. Statistics show that staff retain Elearning content more then face-to-face learning. The combination of multimedia and instructional design produces a very rich learning experience that is repeatable, engaging and memorable.

Access to resources – With elearning you have constant access to the online content and resources. This is vital when staff need a quick refresher or to top up their skills.

Toolbox Talks – Training can update at anytime, with Elearning systems you incorporate tools that allow you can capture and upload new knowledge, which is crucial for current and future learners, quickly using Toolbox Talks.

Beat the competition –  Studies show that by offering Elearning opportunities to your workforce, makes a company more desirable to new talent and displays a better staff retention rate.


Elearning is cost effective and can produce great results.  It’s all a matter of how you use it, get your system wrong and you will end up wasting money on an ineffective system that provides substandard training. See here just how poor training can affect your workforce.

Our Online Training Systems are designed with all these aspects in mind. We create a series of easily navigated, online modules, which can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere. With engaging training videos and straightforward questions, we utilise the combination of multimedia and instructional design to produce a very rich learning experience that is consistent, engaging and memorable.  To easily monitor staff training site wide we incorporate a secure database to house your trainees records.

To find out more about our Online Training Systems why not send us an email [email protected] or call us on 01724 376002.

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