Why TV Advertising Is Vital For Online Businesses

In a modern online business environment, we look into what role TV advertising actually plays in driving demand and success for online businesses.

According to research source: Thinkbox. TV Advertising has a vital part in assisting online business.


Why is TV relevant for online businesses?

The second biggest category of TV advertisers last year was online businesses. Online businesses have recognised that there’s something TV offers that you can’t get from the online world. It’s the ability to generate demand, not just capture it. It’s about building brands in the long-term. Take a quick look at some of these benefits  –

  • TV advertising drives all other forms of promotion, and accounts for 51% of all marketing sales conversions.
  • 47% of website visits were generated by paid TV advertising.
  • Television advertising consistently outperforms other media, with a bigger return on investment than radio, press, and online display ads.
  • It’s heavily regulated, meaning the audience trust your advert helping to build your online image.
  • TV adverts are highly persuasive, and powerful brand builders, selling your products faster as they reach out to massive audiences.

What’s behind TV advertising’s effectiveness as a tool for online businesses business?

TV can build a brand; it can drive activation; and it works incredibly well alongside online searches. There’s this growing relationship between how TV can work at activating a brand in an online world. TV advertising is playing a massive part in driving online search results, online display advertising and in driving other forms of advertising.

Online businesses invested £639m in TV during 2016, an 8% increase year-on-year, based on 2016 data from Nielsen.


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