TV Advertising Compliance -Do You Need Help?

In this blog we take a look at some of the worst advertising fails. Even the big brands aren’t safe…

PEPSI TV Advert.

Advert released by Pepsi, starring reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner.  Pepsi apologised and pulled the advert after accusations that it trivialised recent street protests across the US.

Pepsi isn’t the only company having to apologise for a campaign that breeches advertising conduct. Here are a few more examples of adverts that have been pulled due to malpractice.



The Snickers TV advert featuring Mr T as BA Baracus from The A-Team was pulled after it was accused of being insulting to gay men. Mr T is shown firing Snickers chocolate bars at a man who is speed walking, while yelling, “You are a disgrace to the man race. It’s time to run like a real man.”

Confectionery giant Mars, which owns Snickers, released a statement saying the advert was intended to be funny but that “humour is highly subjective”. Ltd TV advert featuring Dave and Colin, received 503 complaints last year. This featured two characters were alone in an underground car park and each performed dance moves in a bid to outdo each other. All the complaints we received said the ad was overtly sexual. A high proportion of complaints also said the ad was offensive because it showed what they perceived to be two homosexuals together. While always taking into account the fact some people may find the ad distasteful, ASA ruled the advert did not break the rules as the majority of viewers would interpret the scenes as light-hearted and humorous.

So what can businesses do to avoid this?

We live in a time where race and gender and sexual orientation remain highly sensitive topics. So what can brands both big and small do to create attention grabbing promotions without offending?

New advertising regulations can be added at any time and if you don’t keep up with these regulations, you could waste a lot of money on a great looking advertising campaign that you can no longer use. Regulations are updated by ASA, Parliament and the OFCOM board or through public complaints.

For more details and help with this issue, see our recent blog on TV Advertising Compliance


Do you need help with your campaign?

The advertising is not all black and white, there is a complex web of regulations to abide by. Getting it wrong can not only see your advert banned but there is the possibility of further penalties. As an independant TV Advertising agency we can offer impartial advice throughout the entire process; from current advert trends to finding the right channels to suit your promotion and offer budget advice for your campaign too.  We follow strict advertising guidelines to ensure your advert meets all the necessary criteria and your promotion achieves success.

After all TV advertising drives all other forms of promotion and accounts for 51% of all marketing sales conversions. Do you want your advertising campaign to succeed?

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