Manheim Time and Attendance system

Time and Attendance and emergency evacuation

Manheim Cox Automotive at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire have a large workforce and regular visitors over a wide area with varied and multiple potential hazards. To bring them up to date and able to manage the risks more effectively we created online induction, time and attendance systems as well as installing in excess of 100 RFID card readers at multiple points throughout the site.

Time and Attendance system integrated into an induction

In a rapidly evolving car sector Manheim Cox Automotive at their 670 acre site at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire realised that they needed to update their induction system for employees, contractors and visitors. With capacity to store 25,000 vehicles and processing 200,000 cars every year it was obvious that a huge number of people were moving through the site and they all needed to be inducted into the safe working practises. In addition to the online inductions, (one for employees and another for visitors) Res.Digital installed over 100 RFID card readers at various points across the site and at muster points to facilitate an accurate Time & Attendance system and to record the position of personnel during an emergency evacuation. This information is invaluable for first responders, the emergency services and could potentially save lives.