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How Can Technology Improve Workplace Safety Inductions?

Whether you working from height or sitting at a desk for most of the day, workplace safety is paramount to any organisation. Each year, organisations invest extensively in health and safety management solutions to mitigate workplace injury and risk. However, more is needed – a workplace safety induction could help significantly reduce the number of incidents.

According to recent statistics published by the HSE covering work-related ill health, 1.7 million working people are suffering from a work-related illness. What’s more, a recent HSE inspection campaign in South Yorkshire found that 65% of businesses inspected were found to be in some form of breach of health and safety law. Following these recent inspections, it is more important than ever for organisations working in high-risk environments to enhance their health and safety procedures.

Investing in a workplace safety induction will help to protect the well-being of your workers, contractors, and visitors. The question is: where should you invest? The simple answer is technology. As a team of software developers and video producers, Resolution believes in the power of digital solutions that enhance the health and safety culture of any organisation.

How can technology improve a workplace safety induction?

In the context of business, investing in technology is widely associated with the enhancement of productivity, improved communication, lessening administration time, and so on. Whilst all of this is certainly true, investing in a workplace safety induction and technology not only covers all of the aforementioned benefits, but it also helps organisations deliver their duty of care and comply with HSE laws and standards. Technology has been fundamental in the prevention of workplace fatalities and injuries for many years now, and the rise of more advanced technology and software offers new perspectives on how safety can be improved at work.

Safety monitoring, training, induction, compliance checking, reporting (and much more) all being housed in one cohesive system are just some of the ways that investing in technology can improve workplace safety. Implementing software solutions can also offer high-speed communication between remote employees to ensure safety at all times. Below we have provided some examples of digital solutions that our clients have found essential in their health and safety digital advancements.

Online workplace safety induction

Investing in a bespoke workplace safety induction has a multitude of benefits. Of course, having staff, visitors and contractors turn up on site readily inducted is one of the main advantages, however, bespoke induction systems also:

  • Ensure consistency in the message delivered through a video-based format
  • On-site video included in the induction familiarises the inductees to the site and its hazards
  • Online inductions can be easily updated if there are any changes in regulation. Our induction videos are filmed in our green screen studio. The virtual studio format means that information can easily be adjusted in accordance with up-to-date information
  • A modular video-question format increases memory retention which enhances workforce safety procedures on-site

Resolution Digital’s expert team have been delivering creative solutions since 2005. We have worked with globally recognised organisations to create tailored, comprehensive, and effective online induction systems which improve business processes, save time and money, and enhance the workplace safety culture of any organisation.

If you’re considering updating your workplace safety induction processes, get in touch and have a chat with our expert team.

Digital toolbox talks

Having a disparate workforce can mean that rapid and essential communication may be limited. Toolbox talks are essential to ensure on-site safety as they bring awareness to specific health and safety issues on-site and how to deal with them. Having a digital toolbox talk system allows you to:

  • Reach your workforce immediately and efficiently
  • Send out alerts and reminders to watch the meeting
  • Track workforce attendance and improve accountability on-site 
  • Enrich the role of health and safety professionals by reducing administration time

If you are looking to standardise and improve your toolbox talks and promote health and safety culture at your workplace, get in contact to find out about the workplace safety induction software we develop here at Resolution Digital.

Bespoke e-Learning

In recent years, we’ve found that in addition to inductions, having modules that cover other aspects of health and safety have been fundamental in increasing workplace safety. Whether it’s COVID regulations, Manual Handling information, or Mental Health advice, investing in additional learning could be a great asset to improve workplace safety. Some features of our Bespoke E-Learning systems include:

  • Company-specific information and branding
  • Ability to track the progress of employees
  • Bespoke video-based learning 

Make 2022 the year that you consider investing in technology to ensure that everybody gets home safely at the end of day. Resolution Digital’s health and safety software solutions provide an end-to-end field service management solution that is tailored to your working protocols. 

If you are thinking of updating your online systems or implementing any online training, contact us or send an email enquiry. 

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