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British Steel: Digitising Inductions and Site Security

British Steel are one of the leading manufacturers of steel in Europe, with their primary steel production site here in Scunthorpe. With their incredibly large workforce and face-to-face inductions taking up so much time, they came to Resolution Digital for a quicker, more efficient alternative. We worked with them to create a streamlined health and safety induction to help them save both time and money.

Branding is another aspect that British Steel wanted help with, keeping their image fresh and innovative in a continually changing market. At Resolution Digital we understand the importance of a smooth, quick transition to new branding for companies operating in international markets, and we carried this out in a timely manner for British Steel.

Inside British Steel

Understanding The Client’s Needs

Resolution Digital worked closely with British Steel to understand their pain points when it came to the large number of inductions being delivered annually. We have been able to provide a bespoke health & safety induction solution that allows them to have a clear, regulated system. Enriching the roles of their health and safety professionals, whilst keeping their workforce up to date with safety inductions and training. For auditing purposes, the system allows them to easily demonstrate compliance should they be inspected by the HSE and other safety bodies.

British Steel Scunthorpe

Digitalising British Steel’s Inductions

Every year, over 10,000 health & safety inductions are carried out across British Steel’s Scunthorpe site. As you can imagine, delivering these face-to-face was not only time consuming, but relied on one health & safety training officer. This meant the content was open to misinterpretation, and the repetition of the induction meant that there was an element of human error too.

We set out to deliver a solution to not only relieve the team of continual inductions, but also improve productivity by having staff arriving on-site, having already completed their health & safety induction. Over time, we have worked closely with British Steel to create a comprehensive and bespoke induction system. Allowing health & safety inductions to be completed both off-site, and independently through the video-question format on-site at their visitors’ centre. 

Aerial Shot of British Steel Scunthorpe

Integrated Induction System

The induction system is administered by the security staff, as well as being integrated into an ID card printing and scanning system for site access control. Our work with British Steel has provided them with a solution that streamlines the training and induction process. The health and safety induction system manages employees, contractors, and visitors’ inductions and includes a shorter version for hosted visitors. 

If you are looking to streamline your induction process and minimise the risk of human intervention, then get in touch today to see how we can help.

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