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Get ongoing success from your Induction System

Having the perfect Induction System isn’t limited to inducting new employees, successful organisations understand that training is an ongoing factor in both the company’s and employees development.

Which is why most induction systems now include additional expansion features such as Toolbox Talks, Competency Frameworks and Elearning.

Progression is a key factor for any new staff members. If your business can offer to help inductees expand on their current skills and expertise, they are more likely to stay with your company and be more proactive in their role.

The solution…



Our Induction and Training systems, are designed to link up all aspects of the Induction and staff development process in the simplest way possible. With features for e Learning, control of works, toolbox talks and more, we will custom build your very own bespoke branded system that will control your induction and training sessions in one place. We work directly with all of our clients to create your perfect online employee portal.

Our Induction and Training systems can be accessed anywhere by your workforce or site contractors and are easily implemented across multiple sites. Additionally our systems have a fully integrated database to help you keep track of your employees and visitors training and induction records.

Still not convinced about Online Induction and Training?

Here’s 5 Reasons why all companies should use online induction training…

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