Resolution Television goes to Wimbledon…

The crew were down in Wimbledon this week. And no not for the tennis, but for some serious health and safety filming. This induction shoot was for a big client of ours Cappagh.×683.jpg×683.jpg×683.jpg

Cappagh provide vital support to the construction industry sector. They have been providing expertise for public utilities such as gas, water, sewers, highways drainage and ducting for the electric and telecommunications industry for 40 years. Through forward thinking, innovation and continued investment, the company has grown significantly; enhancing both its diversity of operations and portfolio of clients and now enjoys a wider market share across the South-East. See Cappagh online.

It is because of this success and expansion, the company have now invested in a bespoke Online Induction Systems for their workforce. This system allows staff members and contractors access to adequate health and safety induction training no matter where they are. These Systems harmonise the delivery into consistent and precise information that is easy to absorb and retain for all learners. In addition learners can work through content at their own pace and employee compliance.

Additionally the system provides overseers with the live up to date training reports of all inductees. See Online Induction for more details.

Research has found that businesses delivering online induction training have found that the training is far more consistent and efficient.

The crew had a great time filming and the Cappagh team are always a pleasure to work with.

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Whatever your requirements may be, using video to train or induct staff creates a system whereby information is much easier to absorb and retain. If you are interested in a more contemporary and staff friendly way of safely inducting your workforce, then our video led online induction system is just what you need. Furthermore a personalised induction system from Resolution Television minimises your costs whilst delivering faster and more effective contractor or employee training. Delivered and managed completely online, our systems also have a much lower environmental impact than traditionally delivered induction training.

See examples of previous systems we have created for our clients.

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