Associated British Ports: Regulating Health and Safety Inductions

The Brief

AB Ports came to us after realising they needed to control their health and safety inductions. At that time people arriving on site were receiving different variations of the induction, with little consistency or records being taken. The Health & Safety inductions were being carried out face-to-face which was also costing the business in both time and resources.

The Client realised that they needed to do something about their induction process, and enlisted the help of Resolution to help bring them out of the dark ages. An online induction system seemed the simplest answer, and we developed bespoke features to streamline their process.

The Solution

We started by creating a test online induction system which the Client implemented across their five Ports of the Humber. This allowed them to deliver specific inductions depending on which Port Terminal the person was working at. A much better solution than having one broad induction that covered all five port terminals and which meant the workforce were receiving relevant information for their workplace.

The induction itself consists of clear, concise Health & Safety information supplied to us by the Client, and delivered in an engaging way. We designed and developed multiple choice questions throughout the online induction, which allows the Client to track how far through the induction each member has progressed. The questions consolidate the learning and measures are built in to prevent employees from aimlessly scrolling through the content or skipping any part. Our client can be confident the information has been delivered.

Test Induction Ocean-Bound

The bespoke online induction system that we created for the Client proved to be extremely successful within these initial five test ports. It was then rolled out across the entire group, which covered their 21 UK Seaports as well as Hams Hall inland Port, located near Birmingham.

During the initial pilot system the inductions were tailored to the geographical location of each Port. Taking this process group wide meant that we were able to streamline the induction system to deliver inductions tailored to their range of terminals, with the focus on the activity rather than the location. Resulting in workforce, visitors, contractors and visiting drivers receiving the same excellent standard of training across the Group.

Additional Features

It is important that once an online induction system is created that it is maintained and updated regularly. After the success of the first part of this bespoke system, we also created an eLearning module to help deliver important training and safety information. This is regularly updated with fresh video content to ensure everyone is always working to the very latest industry standards.

With so many different sites across the UK, it was important for the team at AB Ports to be able to quickly identify who was working on-site with or without an induction. Therefore, we designed a simple dashboard within the online induction system which is easy to navigate and clearly identifies those who have been inducted and which inductions they have completed. The registration process asks contractors to upload any certificates relevant to their job, and alerts our client when they have expired, elevating confidence in the ability of the on-site workforce. We also added the functionality to send automatic email notifications when inductions were due to expire, and they needed to renew their induction.

Finally, we also included a built-in identification security system within the online induction programme itself. Every time an employee or site visitor adds their information into the system at the point of registration the details are sent to a database to safely and securely store this in one place and of course all privacy and GDPR security is strictly followed.

A Word From The Client

By taking the time to fully understand the existing induction processes that were being carried out at AB Ports meant that the team at Resolution Digital were able to provide a bespoke solution, tailored to their needs. They now have a clear, regulated system that ensures their workforce is kept up to date with safety inductions and training. For auditing purposes, they are also now able to easily demonstrate compliance should they be inspected by the HSE and other safety bodies. ABPorts


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