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Do you really know how poor induction training can affect your workforce?

Do you really know how poor training can affect your workforce?

Did you know that Face-to-Face training could be costing you more than you think?

Switching to Online Induction and Training systems can save you more in time, money and staff competency.

Health and safety induction training is crucial in creating a safe working environment for your workforce. Don’t forget too, the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter Act. Failing to have safety training protocols for your workforce could result in custodial sentences and  fines.

In order to create a safe working environment most companies induct their workforce using traditional face-to-face delivery. Research has shown that face-to-face training opens itself to inconsistent messaging. Businesses delivering induction training online however have found that the training is far more consistent and efficient.

You have probably heard the most common answers to these questions. First and foremost is the benefit of the time and money savings by having your training online. Another common answer to this question is the advantage of having consistent training with 24/7 access.

Saving time and money and delivering consistent training online are all real advantages of online induction training, but they aren’t the only ones.

What are the real benefits of moving your induction away from using only face-to-face training?

Here are 5 reasons to take your companies induction training online:


When it comes to learning and information retention, we all are different. Online induction training accommodates all learning styles, allowing learners to digest information in their own way.


The use of technology in the workplace is the norm for business communications and operations. So why shouldn’t that be the case for learning & development as well?  We can deliver Online Training on all devices such as smartphones and tablets making learning even more convenient.

There are no longer any excuses for not completing training.


The use of interactivity in workplace online training has transformed the way users learn, and is becoming more common. Interactivity in online training  can actually result in greater learner engagement and knowledge retention.


Face-to-face induction trainers often can not have a clear enough understanding of which elements of the training are critical. Our designers aid in creating online training courses that are both engaging and informative. We establish the desired learner outcomes as well as key material prior to the training course being developed.

​This ensures that all content within a course is in line with the predetermined learning goals, and compatible with every user.


In any face-to-face training, it is difficult to determine which learners have understood the information presented in the training. Online training delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) enables a live reporting functionality.

​An online system is easily the most effective way of making sure that your employees are properly inducted and compliant.

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