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Why you should use Online Systems for your workforce Induction

Why Online Induction Systems?

Health and safety induction training is crucial in creating a safe working environment for your workforce from day one. Don’t forget too, that since the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter Act that failing to have safety mechanisms in place like this could result in custodial sentences and heavy fines if you can’t show you have delivered the right training for the job.

In order to create a safe working environment most companies induct their workforce using traditional face-to-face delivery. However research has shown that face-to-face training opens itself to inconsistent messaging and relies greatly on the tone of the trainer.

Businesses delivering induction training online however have found that the training is far more consistent and efficient. Online Induction Systems harmonise the delivery into consistent and precise information that is easy to absorb and retain for all learners. In addition learners can work through content at their own pace and employee compliance can be easily tracked without a paper trail.

Online tracking ensures learners repeat any necessary content until compliance is achieved, ensuring your worker’s full awareness of health and safety protocols while on site guaranteeing a better safer working environment for all.

Take a look at “These Benefits of Online Induction Training”:-


How Does Online Induction Work?


Cross Platform – Any Device – Online Induction Systems

Inductees log on, watch engaging videos that deliver the necessary training information, then answer multiple choice questions after each film. This demonstrates that they have understood and absorbed the required level of knowledge.

The system provides a complete, secure and instant online record for every inductee. The records include their pass score, the induction expiry date, which areas of the site they have access too, and their current training certificates too!

Supported by scheduled emails to the inductee and managers, our induction system provides a consistent level of training through modules created in partnership with you. Ensuring engaging content with the correct information and delivery.

Our system is easy to update. With the option to add, and edit modules at any time.

In Summary…

An online system can greatly improve productivity with less time spent training by trainers and staff, our online induction systems can be accessed anywhere globally meaning staff can be inducted in their own time not yours

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