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Online Induction Training or Face To Face?

Training for business has changed a lot over the past few years, with the process gradually moving towards the online induction training model.

Ideally all employers should encourage workplace learning and induction. It is equally as important to roll out employee development in the most effective way. Otherwise its benefits will begin to fade over time, bringing your staff back to square one and wasting time and money.

We look at the different methods of training for business available and list the advantages and disadvantages.


Traditional Training For Business (Face-to-Face)


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  • Human interaction

By having face-to-face interaction, you can provide an enjoyable learning experience. Moreover, the training might require physical interaction such as role playing to properly learn the duty or task for a certain position. In that case, offline training for business is suitable for employee development.

  • Communication

Text alone can often be misread, face-to-face sessions minimise the risk of any potential miscommunication.


Disadvantages: –

  • Learners can easily forget

Employees are expected to sit through training sessions that involve them being spoken to via a facilitator with little involvement. This often leads to lack of understanding from new concepts and the inability to apply this to real working situations. This is due to lack of practice and the ability to retain verbal information.

It’s more likely that staff will return to their position and forget most of what they’ve learned in the training session. Research has shown everyone learns at a different pace and have different learning styles. Audio , Visual and Kinaesthetic.

  • No follow ups with training for business

As well as providing training, businesses must also include a follow up. This helps to remind staff to apply what they have learned and offers them an opportunity to relearn what may have been forgotten. Many businesses struggle with this due to the expenses of rebooking a trainer or time restraints and the loss of productivity.

  • Learning restrictions with holding staff inductions online

A classroom setting can stifle learning by allowing dominant personalities to take the bulk of the discussion environments. Quieter individuals become limited in their communication options for exchanging ideas and information.

  • Poor measurement

Another reason why face to face workplace learning fails is due to poor measurement and record keeping. Often no assessments are taken from face to face training and in the cases whereby data is obtained there’s a failure to pass this onto the required departments.

  • High costs

Conducting offline training requires additional costs such as travel expenses, catering, hotel accommodation, supplies, and other expenses. Additionally, if the training must be attended by many employees in the same day, there will be only a few employees left to operate the business. In some cases, the business must be shut down for a day for training purposes. This could cost a lot of money for the company when it comes to training for business.


Online Induction Training (Learning Management Systems / Elearning)


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According to research by Towards Maturity, online learning platforms are becoming increasingly popular, with two-thirds of employers using these systems to train workers.


Advantages of online staff inductions:-

  • Interactivity

The use of interactivity in online staff inductions has transformed the way users learn, and is becoming more common. Interactivity in online inductions can actually result in greater learner engagement and knowledge retention. Creating a vibrant, informative induction programme will engage your new employee much more than manuals or Face-To-Face training for business. Making Online Inductions suitable for all learning styles.

  • Easily updated

In addition any company branding, graphics, training modules or other system content can be updated easily in a very short space of time, at a much lower cost. Guaranteeing inductees are always up to date with the latest role based techniques and safety procedures. Giving you full control of the staff induction online.

  • Blended learning & Human interaction

Online inductions allow training methods to be combined. Staff and visitors can complete any theory based training for business on the online system, while partaking in any physical training through an integrated course booking system. This booking system still retains the learning management functionalities of the main induction program. Allowing employers to see which inductees have followed the training process from start to finish.

  • Accurate reporting

Traditional training for business fails due to poor measurement and record keeping. Quite often no feedback or assessments are taken and in the cases whereby data is obtained often there is a failure to pass this on.

With online staff inductions this is all done automatically. Online induction systems store accurate data from trainees and relay this onto all departments. Furthermore records can be access quickly and provide thorough feedback.

  • Intelligent tools

Intuitive analytics tools can predict inductees current and future learning gaps and give recommendations for extending learning.

  • Flexible learning

Learners can take a course from the workplace or from the comfort of their home and learn at their own pace with 24/7 access, that is not possible with traditional classroom structures.

  • Consistency

Traditional induction training can have inconsistent messaging because it relies greatly on the tone, style and experience of a trainer. Delivering inductions online guarantees that every person will receive the same information and a consistent training experience, regardless of working patterns.

  • Credentialing

Online learning systems are often validated for course quality. Professional industry bodies often providing recognition of learning and endorsement.

  • Decreases costs with training for business

By migrating inductions online, businesses can save on costs associated with traditional training for businesses. Costs such as travel, expenses, trainer hire, room space, printed materials and loss sustained through reduced employee productivity . A targeted online solution will guide new employees through the induction process without the need for other staff or trainers’ involvement.


Disadvantages of online inductions: –

  • Low quality programs

We have been delivering high quality health and safety online induction systems since 2005. Our clients include ABP, British Steel, The UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) and many more… (See some of our works)

Through our experience we have noticed there are some system providers that are not as competent. While they can offer a nice looking system, they cannot provide suitable content sufficient for the training on offer. It is vital you do your research.


So is online induction training for businesses better?

There are many advantages of providing online induction training with its low costs, ease of accessibility as well as flexible content and interactive learning. Despite any drawbacks, online training still has more advantages overall than traditional face-to-face training.

Online induction training, is a great way to train new employees on their roles in a company. It increases employee retention and overall performance and happiness at work, benefiting both the company and the employee. Afterall 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company long term if they have experienced a well structured Induction.

We are not saying that traditional training should be discontinued. Businesses should always pick the method of training which best suits their needs.

Additionally some prefer to use a blended approach: combining both methods to maximize results. Overall, whatever you choose its up to you.



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