Online Induction System Setup – Scotland

This week we take a look at our latest Online Induction System project with this brand new Induction hardware installation.

The technicians at Resolution Television installed several new induction work stations this week for our client in Scotland. As you can see Mike our Software and IT guru is hard at work there.

These computers are of the latest specifications and are completely unique. Furthermore we can provide hardware solutions to customers using our Online Induction Software. Created by our own in house software development team, the induction systems are loaded with bespoke software. Subsequently this software locks down the system, restricting its use. As a result inductees can only use the systems as specified. Essentially ensuring efficient workforce induction or e-learning.

The system automatically updates records and excels in providing clear and consistent training.

Do you need a new way to induct staff /contractors or site visitors? Or perhaps your employees need better role specific e-learning?

Whatever your requirements may be, using video to train or induct staff creates a system whereby information is much easier to absorb and retain. If you are interested in a more contemporary and staff friendly way of safely inducting your workforce, then our video led online induction system is just what you need. Furthermore a personalised induction system from Resolution Television minimises your costs whilst delivering faster and more effective contractor or employee training. Delivered and managed completely online, our systems also have a much lower environmental impact than traditionally delivered induction training.

If you would like more information on induction or e-learning systems then head over to our induction page.

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