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Induction Training Software – Move Your Inductions Online

‘Digital transformation’ is the phrase that has taken over the internet during the past year, as all businesses have had to pivot in order to meet the demands of the pandemic. It hasn’t just been about adapting to staff working from home, but also thinking about altering procedures and processes to ensure these can be carried out virtually. We have been providing bespoke online induction solutions in the form of induction software for many years now, but we wanted to take this opportunity to explain how this could really benefit your business in comparison to traditional induction methods. Why not move your inductions online with bespoke online induction training software, to save your business lots of time and money?

What Is An Online Induction?

Let’s start with the basics, an online induction is a workflow used to manage both the initial engagement of an employee, contractor or visitor into the workplace, as well as ongoing contact too. Contractor induction software can save businesses lots of time and money. They can cover anything from site manifest and vehicle management, to HR new starter documents or staff certifications. Online induction software is the best way to provide workplace content to staff or visitors, and also assess people on their understanding of the provided documents.

How Does Online Induction Training Software Work?

Inductions are usually repeated on an annual basis, apart from in some industries where an induction will need to be repeated each time a new site is visited. The beauty of online induction software is that workers are able to complete the induction before they arrive and are due to start work. Saving lots of wasted time and hassle on their first day.

The induction process is a very important part of ensuring workers are engaged and understand the policies and procedures set out by a business. It also helps employees to make sure they are job-ready, and are prepared for working safely in their new role. Reducing the risk of injury to both themselves and their new colleagues is so important, and online induction software can reduce these issues.

Identify Key Business Issues

Training programmes, whether online or in-person, should begin with you taking a look at the skill gaps in your workforce. Combine this with the mandatory compliance issues and you are well on your way to creating an effective employee induction process. Here are some things you need to think about when it comes to adding induction software into your business:

1. Safety – in order to comply with Health & Safety regulations, your staff or contractors need to be aware of the potential risks they may face by undergoing a contractor site induction.

2. Site Rules – these form the terms and conditions of the worker’s contract, and any breaches are often classed as dismissable offences.

3. Company Culture – online induction software should always give the new employee an insight into both the history and culture of the business.

4. Procedures – this should just include some of the main procedures within your business within the induction software, such as what to do in an event of a fire, or how to evacuate the building.

5. Code of Conduct – ethical behaviour and expected code of conduct should also be included within the online staff induction software. This lays the boundaries for how the new employee should behave in relation to things like privacy, confidentiality and discrimination.

Benefits of Online Induction Software

So now that you have a good understanding of what an online induction is, and how you can introduce this within your business. Lett’s take a look at some of the benefits of moving this away from traditional paper methods, and how online induction software could benefit your business.

  • Decreased operational costs

You may think that bespoke induction software is an expensive investment, but when you weigh this up against the decreased operational costs you may well be surprised. By removing face-to-face inductions you can actually increase productivity by re-assigning staff who would otherwise be delivering the induction training. There is also no requirement for hiring a training room as the induction can be completed online.

  • More control over the induction process

Online induction software allows information to be easily regulated, so the same level of training can be given time and time again. Once it has been created, any member of staff can go in and edit, create or delete induction material which can help to speed up the delivery process. Expiry dates can even be added for course completion in order to keep everyone on track and inducted efficiently.

  • Easy to record and store information

Compliance is key with inductions, particularly within the world of Health & Safety. By using an online platform, it is easy for your business to track employee compliance and easily see this at a glance with a dashboard. This removes the need for a messy paper trail which again requires another member of staff to look into.

  • Increased flexibility

Bespoke online induction software can be created in a way that users can go through the induction at a pace that is suitable for them, rather than it being rushed through face-to-face. You can even have a timer installed so you can see exactly how long someone has spent on the induction. The entire induction process can be monitored and measured so every employee or contractor will be required to pass the modules before being allowed onto the physical site.

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