Showforce: Next Level Event Security

The Brief

Showforce are an event security company who are the main provider of rigging and site security for all major events within the UK. This includes pop concerts, country events, corporate events (both indoor and outdoor – COVID permitting!), and popular TV shows too. As you can imagine, whilst they do have a small base of permanent staff at their London headquarters, they also rely on a large freelance network. This means that inducting staff can be a laborious and time-consuming task.

With lots of different freelancers popping into and out of the business throughout the event season, they were finding it hard to keep track with who had been inducted properly. As a site security company themselves, it was essential that they were only allowing staff on site who had been through the relevant checks and were Health & Safety compliant. They came to Resolution Digital for a bespoke solution to simplify their induction process.


The Solution

Our expert team set to work developing an online induction system to ensure the workforce were all inducted before setting foot at the events. By implementing a simple dashboard within the system, this meant that inductions could be easily checked prior to work starting, and also communicated to the event site supervisors.

In order to make sure staff were exactly who they said they were, the identification process also included photographs of the inductee. This helped to ensure that only those who had passed the induction were allowed on site, and no impersonators entered.

Heightened Security Measures

Being a well-known security company, Showforce have a responsibility to adhere to the highest level of security in everything they do, even online inductions. As part of this project, we developed a specific registration system for them which enabled a new password to be generated each week. This meant that only the top level of staff had regular access to the induction system, and if it got into the wrong hands this prevented additional members from being added to the site list.

Hazard Checks

No matter what type of event you attend, there are always lots of hazards to be aware of. With lots of equipment, wires (trip hazards) and stages that are built on-site, everyone who is working there needs to be aware of the possible dangers.

As part of the online induction system we created for Showforce, we added a hazard module. This was in order to educate the workforce of common hazards they may encounter during their work, and who to report to in the event of an issue developing. It was also important that both the core workforce and the freelance workforce understood their own rights and responsibilities, to help keep the entire team as safe as possible.

A Little Helping Hand

With all the events being cancelled during the pandemic, this online induction system had to be put on hold until the industry was back up and running again. We wanted to support Showforce as much as possible, as with any business that has taken a hard hit due to the pandemic. Therefore, we offered them the choice to pay for the system on a monthly payment schedule. Helping them to preserve their cash flow as they ease back into events and their workload increases.

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