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Myths and Facts About TV Advertising

When it comes to marketing and advertising, many, when utilising TV broadcast as a marketing platform,  frequently underestimate this powerful medium.

We explore the myths and the facts surrounding TV Advertising.


Myth 1  – Once I get on TV, my sales will be non stop

Fact: Fewer people are actually picking up the phone than they did previously, and the way people consume media today is different. If you don’t have a digitally integrated campaign, you will be at a distinct disadvantage straight away. Launching a broadcast campaign without having a corresponding digital strategy is an automatic fail. Sure, you might be lucky enough to get some results, but you’re sacrificing so much for so little in return. In the past, consumers picked up the phone as the first point of contact, now customers research you online first. And it’s also important to remember the principles of reach and frequency when it comes to successful marketing. So, having multiple touch points like a dedicated media page on your website and a database marketing strategy to reach consumers with your broadcasting message is vital.

Good broadcasting starts with good copy. That means you should have a clear message that distinctly differentiates your brand and contains a strong call-to-action component. Remember, the more impactful the offer and the more times you reach someone with that offer, the better chance you have at moving them along in the buying process.


Myth 2 – Television is too expensive 

Fact: From local stations to national networks, there are a number of cost-effective options to suit all budgets, big and small.

If this sounds like you, then you could be missing out on a big opportunity. In most cases, you’d be surprised to learn that depending on the market, you could actually advertise in-between award winning TV series for less money than you think.

TV advertising is 28% cheaper than 10 years ago, and services such as Video On Demand and Ad-Smart all offer tailer made advertising schedules , that fit around the popular TV programmes, for a much more feasible cost. In fact a Channel 4 study claims broadcaster VOD is 20% cheaper than YouTube advertising.


Myth 3 – TV doesn’t provide a good ROI

Fact: According to research from Thinkbox, TV is the best for profit!

TV is the most effective form of advertising, generating 71% profit, with a short term profit rate of 62% over all other form of advertising (radio, print, online video etc..)


Myth 4 – TV is in decline

Fact: Research doesn’t support this, if you include digital TV viewing then you’ll find that average viewing times for tv account for 4 hours and 39mins a day, with 71% of individuals viewing TV more then any other medium.


Myth 5 – You can’t optimise TV ads 

The misconception that TV advertising can not be monitored is a common mistake.

With smart tools at hand, marketers and TV advertising agencies can track every response to TV ads across the media spectrum — from mobile activity inspired by TV to purchases made weeks after broadcast. Using this insight, marketers can, “determine the days, times, channels, networks, genres, and creatives that are performing well – and those which are not” and then alter campaigns as they run.


By understanding how media works, you can make it work better for you. You can leverage your media for many different strategies from brand awareness to direct response, and if you avoid some of the myths out there, you will most certainly increase your broadcast ROI.


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