BW Riddle: Modernising Metals Recycling

The Brief

BW Riddle are a third-generation multi-sited metals recycling company with sites located in Peterborough, Boston and Corby. They have been operating for over 50 years and initially began smelting aluminium back in 1956. Renowned for being at the forefront of the ever-evolving metal recycling market, they decided to streamline and modernise the entire company. They approached us regarding the development of an induction video for their workforce.

Induction videos are one of the best ways to induct new staff into your business as they ensure consistency each time. It also means that valuable members of staff don’t have to spend time going through all the individual Health & Safety or HR policies and procedures each time there’s a new starter to the business or a contractor visiting – this information alongside an introduction to key risks or hazards, onsite emergency protocols and more can be included within the induction video, ensuring a compliant, well informed workforce.

The Solution

We have considerable experience at creating bespoke induction videos tailored to the needs of our clients, and we decided the best option for BW Riddle would be to create two separate video presentations. Allowing them to present their workforce induction in video format which is far more engaging than traditional induction methods.

One video was tailored to visitors to the site, whilst the other focused on the workforce themselves. By creating separate videos, this meant we could portray slightly different messages to ensure both staff and visitors understand the importance of working safely on the BW Riddle sites.

Both videos included information regarding an introduction to the company, risks and hazards to be aware of, expectations from senior management, and the facilities available on each of the individual sites. We did also propose that BW Riddle take their induction systems completely online with a bespoke system, allowing them to save time and administration, as well as improving site security. This is something that they are looking to review further on down the line, but the move to induction videos is a big step for this very traditional company.

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