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Make your employee Induction System a success

Create the perfect Online Induction System for your business

For many companies, Online Induction can seem overwhelming or they have limited perceptions on it’s scope. An online employee induction system are becoming increasingly popular, because it allows for the presentation of crucial workplace information in a manner that doesn’t rely on anyone’s schedule, delivery or any additional costs. BUT, in order for Online Induction to work successfully, the content, development and presentation need to be done properly.

Here’s 7 IMPORTANT TIPS to make your system a success:

  • This might seem an obvious tip, but it’s important to understand there needs to be a human element to an Online Induction. Introduce new starters to people and show them around before you focus their attention online. Also, make sure you give them very explicit instructions on how to move through the modules when they sit down to complete the Induction training.
  • Some aspects of the induction, such as workplace health and safety, are automatic inclusions. But you should never forget that human element. Make a point of mentioning any employment related details such as any relevant policies, what to do if staff are sick or have a grievance for example. We’ve all had what seem like daft questions on our first day, it’s easy to forget this. Include ‘need-to-know modules’.
  • Have existing staff undertake and review your modules. This is a great way to identify any gaps in your information. Additionally get the opinion of the inductee as well, no one will better understand how relevant your system is than someone whose had to use this as their only means of  guidance.
  • Ensure your Induction Systems content is engaging! Include videos and graphics, make sure your information and questions are short, direct and easy to retain. There’s nothing more off putting then a boring slideshow that lasts too long with too much text.

See our previous blog for successful Online Induction System examples.

  • Be simple and efficient with your wording, everyone has a different level of understanding. So just be clear and concise.
  • You should also try to avoid an Induction System with a pre-programmed timer. Instead, let users move through the modules at their own pace.
  • If your company has any active staff loyalty programmes or health schemes for example, then it’s worth briefly mentioning these in your Induction System. Nothing motivates and inspires a new employee more then knowing they’re working for a well-established and appreciative organisation. Something that is fast becoming popular in Induction Systems.

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