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Online LMS Training and Induction Training

Online E-learning and Induction learning offers a user friendly, consistent approach to staff training which can be rolled out across multiple departments in any location. Most of all online LMS training doesn’t only benefit the employee and management but the business as a whole by offering : –

  1. Interactivity to engage learners.
  2. The ability to easily implement new and existing resources.
  3. Accurate reporting visible to all offices and departments.
  4. Measurable training outcomes which is a great reassurance for HR and management.

Interactivity –

The use of interactivity in online training has transformed the way users learn, and is becoming more common. Interactivity in online training can actually result in greater learner engagement and knowledge retention. Creating a vibrant, informative e-learning/ induction programme will engage your new employee much more than manuals or Face-To-Face training.

Easily implement new and existing resources –

Online Induction and E-learning systems are developed to be mobile responsive meaning this can be used on any device with internet, anytime anywhere. This is beneficial as barriers faced by conventional training methods can now be overcome, meaning no more rescheduling, having to shorten training due to other obligations or staff not completing training.

Also efficient Induction and E-learning systems are designed with knowledge of cognitive processes to engage the learner and retain interest . We establish the desired learner outcomes as well as key material prior to the training course being developed. Therefore ensuring that all content within a course is in line with the predetermined learning goals, and compatible with every user.  Incentives are recommended for the learner, pass certificates and qualifications reward the trainee. This method ensures efficient training and learner retention. Additionally the data from each individual learner can be captured and exported giving managers and HR departments reassurance that the information has been read and understood.

E-learning and Induction is a flexible solution for both national and global businesses as the resources can be easily translated and localised.

In addition any branding or training material can be updated to guarantee staff are always up to date with the latest techniques and safety procedures.

Accurate reporting –

Face to face workplace learning fails is due to poor measurement and record keeping. While quite often no feedback or assessments are taken from face to face training and in the cases whereby data is obtained often there is a failure to pass this on to all the required departments.

With online learning systems HR or management would be in charge of the content.

So any changes to business legislation, health and safety, policy and procedure can be input easily , ensuring consistency throughout. This online modification also eradicates the need for extra cost on having to reprint and distribute any new company policy materials.

Measurable Learning Outcomes –

Online systems store accurate data from trainees and relay this onto all departments. Furthermore records can be access quickly and provide thorough feedback.

You can measure its effectiveness by seeing how many new staff are able to complete the modules they are given through the e-learning and induction process.

See the many benefits using Online E-learning and Induction training systems can offer your business.

  • Saves on cost
  • Time saving
  • Offers a flexible training solution
  • Consistent content
  • Engaging for all learners
  • Easy to measure and monitor staff training levels.

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