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The Induction Checklist

One of the main priorities for any company is ensuring that employees, contractors and site visitors are inducted. This is a crucial step that needs to be managed efficiently. Every step of the induction process is important, from before they arrive on-site, during their time on-site, right through to goal completion and long term development.

A well structured and up-to-date induction checklist will help employees and site visitors quickly understand their responsibilities and the employer’s expectation of them. Also having such an induction system in place ensures that skills and knowledge of the company are quickly absorbed and understood in a much shorter time frame. (When compared to traditional Face-to-Face induction). Additionally work is likely to commence on-site much sooner with far more effective productivity levels.

Not all company inductions are the same, make sure your induction is tailor-made to suit both your businesses needs and those of the inductee. Remember when structuring your system, the induction process will start before the employee or visitor comes on-site.


What all efficient induction systems should cover…

It is a legal requirement for an employer to cover Health and Safety information. This information must be provided on the first day before your inductees start doing any work. Employers must:

  • Provide details of all health and safety and site security precautions an employee must take to ensure they are protected from harm in the workplace.
  • Inform them of any training they will need to carry out their job in a safe manner, without endangering others. Additionally, include details of any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they will be provided with.
  • Ensure they are aware of what to do in the event of a fire, accident or another emergency.
  • Provide details of your businesses insurance policy, in the event of your employee suffering an illness or injury from workplace activities.
  • Inform staff and contractors of any relevant equipment, machinery, dangerous substances and transport requirements and system overviews.
  • Details of working environments, this includes – Site map/plans, local area and site rules and instructions should be provided. (Including noise or other exclusion zones as well as general facilities.)
  • Communicate clearly all applicable in-house standards, policies, procedures or codes.
  • Provide role specific information and employee’s responsibilities.

Remember every business is different, only include what applies to your company. Don’t be afraid to add in additional content.


Additional content includes:

  • A brief introduction – About the company, services and products.
  • Reference checks.
  • Introducing inductees to relevant members of staff – these will be the first point of call if an inductee has any concerns.
  • Cover where staff and visitors can find on site facilities. Knowing the location of toilets, smoking areas, first aid kits and lunch arrangements etc. are also important.
  • Collect all vital documentation needed from your inductees. This can include National Insurance details, identification, medical documents, along with any work related certifications.


What should you avoid in your induction checklist?

When inducting a new member of staff into your organisation, it is a good idea to avoid the following:

  • Delaying the induction process. You should always have an induction as it is very important to the success of your new employee. But, not all businesses have to have the same style of induction. What works for an international corporation, might not work for a company with 15 employees. Therefore, aim to find the best type of induction for your company and begin the process promptly, on day one, for every employee.
  • Too much information. Your induction needs to cover all the essential information but, bombarding your employee with too many new people, too much information and loads of paperwork will only end up making your employee feel overwhelmed and flustered. Instead, stick to the important information and organise sharing other information and introductions with various departments across the first week.
  • Leaving your inductees with nothing to do or taking lonely breaks.
  • Instructing your employee to get straight into the job without an induction. Forcing your employee to jump straight into their role, without any proper instruction, will leave them with a lack of confidence in their ability to fulfil their job requirements. Therefore, it is very important to gradually introduce them to their role, providing the opportunity to attempt various tasks in a supportive environment.


The importance of a good induction process

Having a poor induction can negatively impact turnover, staff retention, company branding and production to name a few. Inductions need to be thorough and must cover all the necessary information that your employee needs to succeed.

Therefore getting your businesses induction process right is essential. Creating a good induction is step one to ensuring that you have a knowledgeable, productive and safe workforce.



Creating a well structured induction system is the key to a successful , safe and efficient working environment. As a result it will get your employees off to a great start and your visitors a great impression of your company.  Not forgetting compliance with current legislation and company policies and procedures. Many companies nowadays turn to online systems for their inductions. These systems contain all the necessary induction information and safety modules required by your company, and stores each inductees progress in an electronic database.


Unsure where to start with your Induction System?

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