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Evaluating the Effectiveness of your Safety Induction Management System

Do you know if your workplace safety training is a success and if employees are seeing the benefits? Don’t underestimate the power training can give your employees. A successful health & safety induction management system is a continuous work in progress. Only by reviewing the results and effectiveness will it lead to improvements in site safety. An informative evaluation program needs to be an essential part of your overall training system. We look into how you can evaluate your businesses health & safety management system in 8 simple steps:-


  • Does your company promote a safety culture?

Effective safety training allows your workers to implement what they learned in a supportive environment.  A supportive environment can be created through training, behavioural observation, and creating accountability with your workers, managers and supervisors. A health & safety induction management system can help to keep records of these observations.

  • Carry out a safety training needs assessment

A training needs assessment is a methodology that evaluates your company’s operations and risks and determines if there are any gaps in your health & safety induction management system.

  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of your induction management system

Measure the costs and benefits of your safety training program. Compare the costs incurred through onsite incidents to the benefits of your health & safety management system. Are the benefits outweighing any additional costs?

  • Assess your current health & safety induction management system

Health and safety training is effective only when it is created and delivered in an engaging manner. A focused effort and bespoke induction management system, along with careful planning will create an effective training program.

  • Evaluate Pre/Post training knowledge

Measure how much your trainees learned during the training course. Carry out both pre and post knowledge assessments and/or practical skills testing to accurately measure new skills learnt against knowledge refreshers.

  • Collect Feedback immediately after training

Timing is crucial, collect feedback immediately after their training session. Ask your employees how they felt about the training when their memory is fresh. You can find out if the training was engaging and if the training methods were effective. Find out if the material within the health & safety management system was relevant to their work and whether they learned applicable skills.

  • On The Job evaluations

Find out if your learners are using the training in their work or whether they have forgotten. Assess if your employees are putting that training into practice and if not, the reasons why. Was this because the training was not suitable to their job tasks, or were they not given proper tools to implement what they have learned?

Assess whether full training is needed again or if a brief refresher course is simply required, with periodic reminders.

  • Continual Evaluation and Training

For workplace safety training to be truly effective, continual training and evaluation are important. By having a health & safety management system integrated within the business this will make training a lot easier. You must constantly observe your employees and remind them about safe workplace practices. Additionally review your key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after training to compare your data. This evaluation later is crucial for measuring long term retention and application of knowledge.

It is important to provide additional training whenever there are changes to policies, such as: –

  • Procedures or methods
  • Systems or equipment
  • Duties and tasks


Induction Management System – Summary

Often overlooked is measuring the impact and effectiveness of workplace safety training. Only through carefully evaluating the efficiency of your health & safety induction management system, will your business be able to use training to successfully target potential skills gaps within the business.

For help on improving or creating a successful safety training program for your business, feel free to contact us.


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