Health & Safety Training Video – Filming in Hull

The Resolution TV production crew are learning all about Health and Safety this week as they set about filming for one of our clients in Hull. (The current City of Culture.) We were invited to create a health & safety training video for their staff.

Thankfully for our two cameramen, Rob and Kev, the weather has held out and they were able to get some great shots while out on location. This production requires a lot of expertise and a lot of content. More so due to the sensitive nature of this project and client confidentiality we cannot give away too much just yet.

All I can say is that we are all looking forward to seeing the final health & safety training video in the future. With the many years of experience our crew has in filming health and safety projects and the professionalism amongst the team, we are confident of it being a success.

Watch this space in the future to see how the health & safety training video turned out. In addition we will also be constantly updating our blog with more up and coming film shots.

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