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Generate Sales In This Busy Period

Having a good campaign strategy can help generate more sales for your company. Busy periods such as Christmas, Summer and Easter time are just some of the many seasons all marketers plan months in advance for. Experienced offline and online marketing executives all know that having that right promotional strategy in place at the right time can increase sales, customer leads and overall ROI.

So where do you begin…

Before you think of advertising you need to review your sales channels. Having a great looking advert alone will not help, with more business being done online these days it is more crucial than ever to have a responsive website and online strategy. Last year 48% of people cited a websites design as the number 1 factor in deciding the credibility of a business and 94% of people cited poor website design as the reason to mistrust or reject a business.

In addition to this with 43% of all ecommerce traffic coming from Google search alone, it is definitely worth taking another look at your online strategy first even if you already have a website. After all SEO requirements change all the time for Google Search Engine Rankings and what was once classed as a modern looking website can soon become dated. Like the fashion industry, websites design and requirements can also change just as rapidly. Technology advances all the time it is important that your website stays on top of this.

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The next step…

After reviewing your online strategy and website, then you are ready to start advertising. Why do I need to advertise? 

Potential leads need to find out about your brand somehow you need to reach out to people. Potential customers can not buy from you if they don’t know about you. No company can solely rely on just passing traffic or word of mouth alone. These leads will dry up after so long. Advertising gets your brand noticed by a larger audience and in a much larger area, bringing more custom to your business. Advertising not only brings new leads to your company but it can also be used to reward loyal customers, encouraging them to stay with your brand.

At Resolution Television we specialise in TV Advertising as well as Digital Marketing.  Television Advertising consistently outperforms other forms of advertising, with a bigger ROI than radio, press, and online display ads.

Online display adverts such as Google Adwords are incremental in leading customers to your site from an external advert. This also add another element of trust to your online platform.  It is worth noting that 47% of website visits were generated by paid TV advertising.

TV advertising is heavily regulated, meaning the audience trust your advert. TV adverts are highly persuasive, and powerful brand builders, selling your products faster as the reach out to massive audiences.

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In Summary.

If you combine all of these elements together your company will have a successful promotional offline and online campaign. So have you planned your campaigns yet?

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