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Fire and Rescue Services Vehicle Rescue Demonstration

Our production team were over in Immingham this week filming a new project for the Fire and Rescue Services.

The crew got to witness first hand a “Vehicle Rescue Demonstration” carried out by Humberside Fire And Rescue team. The idea behind filming these demonstrations is to promote good health and safety practises amongst the Fire and Rescue Services.

We are very excited to be working on this project and look forward to seeing the benefits this has on our brave fire crews.

Why an experienced workforce can still benefit from training/eLearning videos

  1. Provides access to learning content anytime 

An e-learning solution allows employees to access material from anywhere, anytime. Meaning the training content is always available. Employees can access relevant resources any time they encounter an unfamiliar situation at work.

  1. Better retention of information 

Research has shown e-learning helps employees retain the knowledge to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face instructor led training (ILT). This is due to employees having more control over the pace at which they can learn. As well as the opportunity to revisit the training if needed. In addition the video and audio materials used in e learning can also make the whole learning process more interactive.

  1. Adaptable to learning styles 

Not every employee learns the same way.  Not everybody feels at ease learning in a large group. E learning allows learners to take the course at their own pace. Additionally it allows them to take the course in an environment that is more favourable to them. Some employees find it difficult at times to learn new aspects. With e learning this gives them the freedom to learn the same details repeatedly until they’re satisfied.

  1. Requires less time and more cost effective

With e learning in place, employees don’t have to travel long distances to take training. There’s also no need to schedule rooms or travel to another city. Online training is immediate – employees can complete courses and take assessments from the comfort of their living room, or even in transit on their Smartphones or tablet PCs.

Unlike the instructor-based training, where employees lose valuable work time to attend long training courses, online training improves worker productivity since it’s considerably quicker than the ILT alternative.

  1. Offers constructive feedback 

E learning provides real-time feedback during an online training assessment. Furthermore by having more constructive feedback this can aid in improving a learner’s competency and motivate them in the learning process.

And because everything takes place online, management can also get an up-to-date analysis on how the training’s going on, and track the progress of employees.


Online training has quickly come to the forefront of offering solutions to various corporate training needs.

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