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Online Induction Training – Company Inductions

What benefits do new starters get from a company induction program?

Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week of employment? So it’s important that your first impression is a good one. Successful online induction programmes are your chance to show new employees what makes your company tick and pave the way for an easy, enjoyable, and productive integration. The good news is that an eLearning company inductions can help your organisation do just that, in a cost-effective, accessible package.

Benefits of Company Induction Program

Online induction training can be quite hefty. The main topics that company inductions include are:

  • Health and safety
  • Code of conduct
  • Employee responsibilities
  • In-house systems
  • Office walkthrough
  • Meeting with CEO and seniors
  • Company history
  • Culture and ethos

Usually, an online induction program or company inductions are a way of easing the new recruit in without overloading them with information or scaring them off. It’s a chance for them to get the same treatment as everyone else that started before them and receive proper online HR induction training, so they feel adequately equipped to begin their new role with the utmost confidence.

HR Induction

The importance of online induction training

50 years ago, it was rare that anyone changed jobs more than twice in a working lifetime. These days, it’s common to flit around from one role to another every few years. This means that the quicker an employee is inducted, the quicker they can start doing their job properly.

Nowadays, big companies have to do intensive site inductions, safety inductions, and training sessions for all new starters. So if you’re doing inductions for multiple new employees, you may as well have an online employee induction program tailored uniquely to your company.

Employee and business benefits of online company inductions

Understanding the current advantages of online induction training not only hones in on the importance of it, but will help you to discover how best to revolutionise this imperative part of onboarding. Some critical benefits to your day to day operations by introducing company inductions include:

  • Saving the company time and money – Having provided all the relevant information upfront, the new employee can start performing their duties from the get-go.
  • Reduces turnover rate – A well-informed online HR induction should clear up any confusion the employee had about the company. The less confused they are, the less frustrated they are and the more settled they will feel almost instantly, resulting in a higher retention rate.
  • Value and respect – If a proper online induction program is given, as opposed to a lackluster attempt, the latest recruits will feel like a proper welcome has been given, evoking a feeling of comfort.
  • Grounds for communication – Letting everyone know who is who in the company, putting faces to names and establishing that first point of contact lays the groundwork for how best the employee should communicate, instilling a level of certainty for where they sit within their teams and leaders.

Benefits of Online Company Inductions

Why use an Company Inductions / Online Induction Program

Interactive learning is the best way to engage new employees and make training interesting for them. An Online Induction Program, tailored specifically to your company, is the best way to go about this. With an online employee induction, the employee is given their own login and asked to click through various pages of the platform, learning and taking quizzes along the way.

You can see how far through the company induction they’ve got, and check their progress. You’ll get all their certificates and achievements stored Online, and save a massive amount of filing space and time.

An online HR induction programme is so effective because new starters can learn the basics before their first day of their induction, so that they know all about their working environment before they turn up. The purpose of online induction training is to familiarise new employees with site layouts, health and safety processes etc – well nowadays that can all be accomplished in an Online environment before they even visit your site.

The interface should be hassle-free, easy to use and multimedia compatible. Video, audio and lots of images should all feature, as should scenario training for things like health and safety. Fun ways to remember certain statistics that are important to the company, like the number of employees or the year it was founded, could also be incorporated.

Why Use An Online Induction Program

5 Benefits Of Online Induction Training & Company Inductions

Let’s check out why online induction training is an effective solution for employers and employees.

1. Decrease operating costs.

This is the biggie. Expect to see savings by bringing your induction training online. You won’t need other employees’ involvement to guide new starters through the process – a targeted company induction system will do the work for you. With employees completing online induction training on desktop computers or even their own mobile devices, companies no longer need resources associated with inductions such as room space, printed material, and facilitators.

2. Deliver a clear, consistent message.

Face-to-face delivery opens itself to inconsistent messaging and relies greatly on the tone of the facilitator. Delivering online company inductions gives an opportunity to create the best impression, consistently.

3. Put your learners in control.

It’s proven that adult learners like to take training into their own hands. Online HR induction programmes allow ease of access for learners on day one, or before. Learners can work through content at their own pace, repeat parts as necessary, and take as long as they need to complete the training.

4. Achieve 100% compliance.

An online HR induction will enable you to track employee compliance without a paper trail. Online tracking ensures learners repeat any necessary content until compliance is achieved.

5. Reduce risk factors.

Traditional face-to-face training can expose you to risk that online training overcomes. For example, a new starter might only get their login details after they have completed an online induction program, therefore reducing security risks. Also, you can be sure that employees have been informed about fire safety and emergency evacuation training before they start their role.

So to ensure all your new employees understand the business, have effective induction training before they even visit the site, and are up-to-date and covered for all statutory / health and safety requirements use an online HR induction system from Resolution Digital

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