Online Induction

Online Induction Systems For Mining Companies

What To Look For In Online Induction Systems For Mining Companies

Introduction To Online Induction Systems For Mining Companies In the high-risk environment of mining operations, ensuring the safety and competency of employees is paramount. Traditional...

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Online Inductions In Waste Management

Why Choose An Online Induction System For Waste Management Facilities

Introduction Efficiency and safety are paramount in waste management. With the increasing demand for streamlined processes and rigorous compliance, waste management facilities are turning to...

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Online Inductions In Food Manufacturing

The Benefits of Online Induction Systems For Food Manufacturers

Introduction To Online Induction Systems For Food Manufacturers In the dynamic landscape of the food manufacturing industry, ensuring compliance, safety, and efficiency are paramount. Central...

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Online Inductions In Manufacturing

The Complete Guide To Online Inductions In Manufacturing Businesses

Introduction to Online Inductions in Manufacturing In the realm of manufacturing, where safety, efficiency, and compliance are paramount, the onboarding process plays a crucial role....

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Online Inductions For Dockworkers

8 Benefits of Online Induction Systems For Dockworkers

Introduction to Online Induction Systems for Dockworkers Understanding the Need for Efficient Induction Processes The dockworking industry relies heavily on the efficiency of its workforce...

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Health & Safety Managers

Why Online Induction Systems Are The Right Choice For Health & Safety Managers

Introduction Health and safety managers play a pivotal role in upholding these standards, overseeing a myriad of responsibilities ranging from risk assessments to employee training...

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Online Induction Portal

5 Benefits of Choosing Res Digital For An Online Induction Portal

Welcome to Res Digital: Your Partner in Online Induction Portals In today's fast-paced world, businesses are increasingly turning to online solutions for their induction processes....

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Online Inductions In Construction

Adopting Online Inductions In Construction Industry

Introduction to Online Inductions In the fast-paced world of construction, where time is money and safety is paramount, the traditional methods of onboarding new workers...

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Inductions In Metals Industry

All You Need To Know About Online Inductions In Metals Industry

Introduction to Online Inductions in Metals Industry In the metals industry, safety, efficiency, and compliance are paramount. The induction process plays a pivotal role in...

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Inductions In Oil and Gas

The Complete Guide To Online Inductions In Oil and Gas

Introduction to Online Inductions in Oil and Gas In the oil and gas industry, ensuring the safety and compliance of personnel during induction processes is...

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What Is An Induction

What Is An Induction?

The induction process stands as a critical initiation point for newly hired individuals. It serves as the gateway for them to familiarise themselves with the...

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What Is Orientation

What Is Orientation?

Components of an Effective Orientation Programme An effective orientation programme is pivotal in setting the stage for new members, be they employees, students, or users...

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What Is A Job Induction

What Is A Job Induction?

Introduction Understanding the Importance of Job Inductions In the fast-paced world of business, the success of your company greatly depends on the quality of your...

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Induction Plan

Why An Induction Plan Is Essential

Introduction to Induction Plans Understanding Induction Plans In the modern workplace, the initial steps a new employee takes are crucial in shaping their journey and...

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HSE Article

HSE publishes annual work-related ill health and injury statistics for 2022/23

Nearly two million workers in Great Britain reported suffering from work-related ill health in 2022/23. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published its annual statistics...

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Induction At Work

5 Reasons An Induction At Work Is Essential

Introduction to Inductions at Work Induction at work is a pivotal step in any employee's journey. Far from being just a formality, it lays the...

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Onboarding Portal

5 Benefits of An Onboarding Portal For Your Business

Introduction to Onboarding Portals An onboarding portal, far from being a mere digital tool, serves as a vibrant introduction to the culture and ethos of...

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Induction Checklist

The Ultimate Induction Checklist

Introduction to Our  Induction Checklist Welcome to "The Ultimate Induction Checklist", your comprehensive guide to creating an effective and engaging induction process for your organisation....

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Health And Safety Induction Training

Using An Online Solution For Health and Safety Induction Training

Introduction to Health and Safety Induction Training Health and safety induction training is a critical component of workplace safety, ensuring that employees are well-equipped to...

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Induction For New Employees

The Essential Guide To Induction For New Employees

Introduction to Inductions for New Employees Welcome to the comprehensive guide on induction for new employees. The process of welcoming, introducing, and integrating new staff...

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Bespoke Health and safety

6 Must-Have Features in Bespoke Health and Safety Software

Automating processes has become a top priority for businesses across all industries in 2023, and health and safety management is no exception. For safety professionals,...

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Why Microlearning is the Future of Safety Training

Let's be honest: health and safety training can be dull and uninspiring if not delivered effectively. We've all experienced those marathon PowerPoint presentations that leave...

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Health and Safety Plan review

Is it Time to Update Your Health and Safety Plan?

When was the last time your business updated its health and safety plan? According to the HSE, it should be reviewed at least once a...

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Lone Working

How to Improve Lone Working Safety in 2023

With an estimated 6 to 8 million lone workers in the UK and the rise of home working increasing these lone working numbers. businesses are...

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Training Induction

Training Induction Checklist

Introduction to Training Induction Training induction is a critical process in any organisation, serving as the first step in a new employee's journey. This integral...

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contractor management software

What Is Contractor Management Software?

In today's business landscape, managing contractors efficiently and effectively is crucial for the success of organisations across various industries. With the rise in outsourcing and...

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Current Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Current Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know   91% of marketers are using video content in 2023. That’s why impactful video campaigns are...

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Customer Feedback

5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction in 2023

The 4-day work week, summer working hours, extended weekends. Companies are searching for...

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World Day for Safety and Health

Are You Fully Compliant with Health and Safety Regulations? Here’s What You Need to Know Whether you're an employer responsible for the safety and...

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Server room

Resolution Cloud Services

Are cloud based health and safety online inductions safe? In today's digital age, more and more companies are moving their data storage to the...

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Digitised health and safety site induction

Digitise your Site Induction

In recent years, many industries have seen a significant shift towards digitisation, and the health and safety induction process is no exception. More and more...

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Chromakey Green Screen Studio

5 Benefits of Using a Green Screen in Your Business

Five Benefits of Using a Green Screen in Your Business   Video production has become an indispensable asset to any business, spanning across various...

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Women in Health and safety

HSE practices worldwide: What the UK can learn from other countries

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is crucial for businesses to succeed and for workers to thrive. In the UK, prioritising a high standard of...

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Why Online Site Inductions Are Essential in the Construction Industry | Resolution Digital

Why Online Site Inductions Are Essential in the Construction Industry

The construction industry plays a vital role in the global economy, providing countless employment opportunities to skilled workers at all levels. With over 2.69 million...

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Induct & Train - Online Employee Onboarding | Resolution Digital

Online Induction and Training: The Future of Employee Onboarding

The digital age is transforming the way companies induct and train their employees. With technological advancements, companies are shifting away from one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf training sessions...

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The Hidden Costs of Poor EHS Management | Resolution Digital

The Hidden Costs of Poor EHS Management

Maintaining safe operations is not a burden, but a business advantage. Effective health and safety management is vital to ensure the wellbeing of employees and...

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Workplace Communication - Online Inductions | Resolution Digital

Workplace Communication

How we communicate with each other personally, with our clients, with suppliers and with our workforce depends on our relationship with them. It’s also influenced...

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Workplace Hazards - Workforce Safety | Resolution Digital

Workplace Hazards

If you check the meaning of a workplace hazard then a brutally simple definition comes up .. it’s a hazard in the workplace. Really. Not...

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Health & Safety Induction Training For Visitors | Resolution Digital

Building a Business Case for Online Health and Safety Inductions

Health and safety professionals across the world are investing in online systems to streamline workplace health and safety inductions. With this, industries that have continually...

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Workplace Health & Safety Induction For New Employees - Induction and Onboarding | Res Digital

Workplace Health & Safety Induction Training For New Employees

The favoured hybrid working model has a multitude of benefits for many organisations and individuals across the world. This mode of working has, in turn,...

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Workplace Safety Induction - Technology Can Help | Resolution Digital

How Can Technology Improve Workplace Safety Inductions?

Whether you working from height or sitting at a desk for most of the day, workplace safety is paramount to any organisation. Each year, organisations...

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Employee Induction Checklist - Remote Induction | Resolution Digital

The Employee Induction Checklist

When a new employee joins any business, it is important that they undergo a proper induction process. As well as ensuring any legalities are covered,...

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Ways To Revolutionise Your Employee Induction Training | Resolution Digital

Ways To Revolutionise Your Employee Induction Training

Employee induction training isn’t the most glamorous of topics, and the word ‘induction’ usually sends people to sleep straight away! Most of us have bad...

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Induction Software - Move Your Inductions Online | Resolution Digital

Induction Training Software – Move Your Inductions Online

‘Digital transformation' is the phrase that has taken over the internet during the past year, as all businesses have had to pivot in order to...

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Correct Induction Training - Reduce Health & Safety Risks | Res Digital

How Correct Induction Training Can Reduce Health & Safety Risks

Whether you are bringing new starters into your business or are introducing visitors onto a construction site, having a clear, consistent and correct induction training...

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Construction Induction Software - Building Site Induction | Res Digital

What Is A Construction Site Induction?

Construction inductions are a required element when any worker, subcontractor or visitor enters a construction site. What exactly is an induction though, and what does...

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Health & Safety Induction Video - Online Safety Induction | Res Digital

Workplace Health & Safety Induction Video

Creating a positive health and safety culture within any business is extremely important. Not only should you focus on raising awareness of potential hazards employees...

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Don't Become Another Health & Safety Statistic | Resolution Digital

Don’t become another health and safety statistic

As workplaces begin to open up following the pandemic lockdown (at the time of writing the great return to work had begun) a fresh look...

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Are Your Health & Safety Protocols Up To Date? | Resolution Digital

Getting Back to It – are your health and safety protocols up to date?

Months of working with the cat sat on your lap are over and working restrictions are lifting. Of course, for many people the world didn’t...

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Jargon - Should We Use It? - Warning Signs | Resolution Digital

Jargon – should we use it?

Throughout our lives we belong to something or someone - this relationship is often bound by Jargon. It’s a fact that we cannot get away...

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Turnkey Business Software - Improving Induction Process | Res Digital

Why would having an Online Induction System be beneficial?

In our previous article, we mentioned the benefits of Online Induction Training. However, in this article, we’re going to go into more depth about the...

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Online Construction Induction - Beginner's Guide | Resolution Digital

Construction Online Inductions – A Beginner’s Guide

There are few things more stressful in life than the first day in a new job, and there are many legalities associated with starting work...

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How Will Brexit Affect Health & Safety Laws? | Resolution Digital

How will Brexit affect health & safety laws?

With only weeks to go until we leave the EU, it’s important to understand just how Brexit will affect the UK's health & safety legislation....

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Workplace Inductions - Poor Systems | Resolution Digital

Workplace Inductions – Effects Of Poor Ones

Getting your workplace inductions right is essential. Creating a good workplace induction system is step one to ensuring that you have a knowledgeable, safe and...

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Training Management Software - Employees | Res Digital

Training Management Software – Training Staff On A Budget

Training can be a costly undertaking for any business, especially when you have a limited budget. The cost doesn’t just include the training itself but...

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Changing Attitudes: Employee Safety Habits | Resolution Digital

Changing attitudes towards health and safety

Health & Safety in the working environment has come a long way since the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act was first introduced. Best practice...

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Induction Process Checklist - Employees & Visitors | Resolution Digital

The Induction Checklist

One of the main priorities for any company is ensuring that employees, contractors and site visitors are inducted. This is a crucial step that needs...

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Health & Safety Induction Training For Visitors | Resolution Digital

Induction safety training – does yours meet the standard requirements?

Health & safety induction training standards It is a fact that many accidents occur within the first week of an employee starting with a company....

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Training For Business: Face to Face or Online Induction | Resolution Digital

Online Induction Training or Face To Face?

Training for business has changed a lot over the past few years, with the process gradually moving towards the online induction training model. Ideally all...

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Induction System - A Full Guide | Resolution Digital

Our guide to an induction system

An efficient employee induction system helps staff, visitors and new hires to quickly understand their responsibilities and job role. Having an induction system in place...

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Importance Of Induction Training - Company Induction | Res Digital

The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions

The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions Induction programmes for new employees are extremely important for any business, and delivering an effective induction...

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World Health Day - Health & Wellbeing In The Workplace | Resolution Digital

Promoting Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace – World Health Day

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) World Health Day Campaign, aims to promote better health in all environments. Helping people better understand what this means and...

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Learning And Development Training Programs | Resolution Digital

Learning And Development Training Programs – Employee Needs

All employees must have adequate learning and development training programs to ensure health and safety at work. Some work activities require detailed formal training but,...

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Construction Site Dangers | Resolution Digital

Health & Safety and Technology – Combining the two

Organisations often struggle with integrating technology into existing Health & Safety protocols and yet this is a vital step to help keep staff and visitors...

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Training Development Programs To Motivate Staff | Resolution Digital

Training Development Programs To Motivate Staff

Want to keep your staff motivated? Organisations regularly target high levels of employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement can translate into higher productivity, fewer...

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10 Ways To Improve Your Induction Process | Resolution Digital

Induction Process – 10 Ways To Improve Yours

Improving your creative induction programme. Statistics show that employees tend to stick around if they had a good induction process. We all know how important...

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Site Induction Small Business - Site Safety Induction Video | Resolution Digital

Workplace Safety Induction – Site Safety Induction Video Importance

Why is a health & safety induction video important? Everyone that works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risks to...

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Staff Induction Training & Compliance Induction Benefits | Res Digital

Staff Induction Training – What Is It?

What is Staff Induction Training? Staff induction training is a form of introduction for new employees, contractors and site visitors in order to enable them...

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