If you are considering a bespoke health & safety induction system for your business then you may want to read through some of these blogs that we have put together especially. They cover the basics of online inductions, and how your business could benefit from an online safety induction.

Health & Safety Induction Training For Visitors | Resolution Digital

Building a Business Case for Online Health and Safety Inductions

Health and safety professionals across the world are investing in online systems to streamline workplace health and safety inductions. With this, industries that have continually used the same and less efficient paper-based health and safety practices have begun to embrace digital change. The move away from in-person inductions and paper-based documentation means that organisations are…

Workplace Health & Safety Induction For New Employees - Induction and Onboarding | Res Digital

Workplace Health & Safety Induction Training For New Employees

The favoured hybrid working model has a multitude of benefits for many organisations and individuals across the world. This mode of working has, in turn, increased the rigidity in terms of collaboration and interaction offered in an office environment. Collaborative environments often provide motivation and instant feedback which is typically lacking when working alone, so…