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Digital Appraisal System

Using A Digital Appraisal System

Introduction to Digital Appraisal Systems Understanding Appraisal Systems Appraisal systems have long been integral to organisations for evaluating employee performance and facilitating professional growth. Traditionally,...

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Subcontractor Management Software

5 Advantages of Subcontractor Management Software

Introduction to Subcontractor Management Software In the dynamic sphere of construction and project management, the role of subcontractors is pivotal. Subcontractor management, a nuanced segment...

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Contractor Compliance

Using An Online Solution For Contractor Compliance

Introduction to Contractor Compliance Understanding Contractor Compliance In the modern business landscape, contractor compliance has emerged as a pivotal aspect of organisational operations, especially in...

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What Is A Skills Matrix?

What Is A Skills Matrix?

What Is A Skills Matrix? An Introduction In an ever-evolving business landscape, understanding and harnessing the power of skills within an organisation is crucial. A...

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Bespoke Software Development

Top 10 Benefits of Bespoke Software Development For Large-Scale Sites

Introduction To Bespoke Software Development Navigating the vast technological landscape, large-scale enterprises often find themselves at crossroads. While off-the-shelf software offers immediacy, bespoke software solutions...

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Compliance Tracking Software

Using Compliance Tracking Software

Introduction Compliance is more than just a legal requisite; it's the backbone of effective and ethical business practices. For industries that operate on a large...

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Lone Working

How to Improve Lone Working Safety in 2023

With an estimated 6 to 8 million lone workers in the UK and the rise of home working increasing these lone working numbers. businesses are...

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contractor management software

What Is Contractor Management Software?

In today's business landscape, managing contractors efficiently and effectively is crucial for the success of organisations across various industries. With the rise in outsourcing and...

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Customer Feedback

5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction in 2023

The 4-day work week, summer working hours, extended weekends. Companies are searching for...

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Server room

Resolution Cloud Services

Are cloud based health and safety online inductions safe? In today's digital age, more and more companies are moving their data storage to the...

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Data Privacy Day - Invest In Bespoke Software | Res Digital

Data Privacy Day: Why Invest In Bespoke Software

As Data Privacy Day approaches on January 28th, it is important to remember the crucial role that data protection plays in today's digital landscape. With...

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TV Company News Logo | Resolution Digital

Creating a Company News Channel

Advantages of Having a Company News/Broadcasting Channel Having your own company local news reporting/broadcasting channel can have many benefits, especially if not all employees are...

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Online Induction Training - Online Company Inductions | Resolution Digital

Online Induction Training – Company Inductions

What benefits do new starters get from a company induction program? Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their...

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Custom Software Development - 10 Benefits | Resolution Digital

Custom Software Development – 10 Benefits

Custom Software Development Custom software is an application or program that has been developed for a specific purpose for a business or organisation. Custom software...

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Res Digital Logo | Resolution Digital

Res.Digital – Looking To The Future

As we come to the end of 2019, Scunthorpe company Res.Digital is celebrating a successful year and eagerly looking forward to what 2020 could bring....

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Workplace Inductions - Poor Systems | Resolution Digital

Workplace Inductions – Effects Of Poor Ones

Getting your workplace inductions right is essential. Creating a good workplace induction system is step one to ensuring that you have a knowledgeable, safe and...

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Must Know Facts About Online Induction Systems | Resolution Digital

Must Know Facts About Online Induction Systems

In our previous blog we focused on the statistics of using Induction Systems in the workplace 2017/18. Since publishing this post, we have discovered some...

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Changing Attitudes: Employee Safety Habits | Resolution Digital

Changing attitudes towards health and safety

Health & Safety in the working environment has come a long way since the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act was first introduced. Best practice...

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Induction Process Checklist - Employees & Visitors | Resolution Digital

The Induction Checklist

One of the main priorities for any company is ensuring that employees, contractors and site visitors are inducted. This is a crucial step that needs...

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International Health & Safety At Work Day | Resolution Digital

International safety and health at work day

Last year we discussed ILO World day for safety and health at work and how businesses themselves can work towards improving health and safety in...

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Induction System - A Full Guide | Resolution Digital

Our guide to an induction system

An efficient employee induction system helps staff, visitors and new hires to quickly understand their responsibilities and job role. Having an induction system in place...

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Importance Of Induction Training - Company Induction | Res Digital

The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions

The Importance Of Induction Training Software For Company Inductions Induction programmes for new employees are extremely important for any business, and delivering an effective induction...

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Construction Site Dangers | Resolution Digital

Health & Safety and Technology – Combining the two

Organisations often struggle with integrating technology into existing Health & Safety protocols and yet this is a vital step to help keep staff and visitors...

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Welcome To The New Resolution Website | Resolution Digital

Welcome to the NEW Resolution!

Welcome to the NEW Resolution! Reimagining the way you think about all things digital.   We listened to your feedback and after some intensive planning...

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The True Cost Of Poor Training For Business | Resolution Digital

The True Cost Of Poor Training For Business

Do you really know how poor training for business can affect your workforce? While companies have a pretty clear idea of what it costs to...

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Training Development Programs To Motivate Staff | Resolution Digital

Training Development Programs To Motivate Staff

Want to keep your staff motivated? Organisations regularly target high levels of employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement can translate into higher productivity, fewer...

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10 Ways To Improve Your Induction Process | Resolution Digital

Induction Process – 10 Ways To Improve Yours

Improving your creative induction programme. Statistics show that employees tend to stick around if they had a good induction process. We all know how important...

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Safety Goals For The New Year | Resolution Digital

A New Year and A New Start In The Workplace

Firstly everyone at Resolution wishes you and your workforce a Happy New Year and a positive New Start. We know after coming back from the...

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Most Dangerous Jobs - Are Your Staff Prepared? | Resolution Digital

Most dangerous jobs – are your staff prepared?

List Most dangerous jobs in UK - are your staff prepared? When you think of the deadliest jobs in the UK, you may think of...

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How To Improve Health & Safety In The Workplace | Resolution Digital

A New Year, A New Approach

A New Year, A New Approach. Last year we looked at setting new safety goals in the workplace. We were surprised by how many companies still...

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Why Face To Face Training Doesn't Work | Resolution Digital

Why face to face training doesn’t work

The top reasons why face to face training doesn't work Employers, all aim to provide employees with training and induction sessions that take place within working...

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Induction System - 5 Things To Avoid | Resolution Digital

Induction System – 5 Things To Avoid

A successful induction system isn't just about new members of staff being introduced to your company. It’s about the whole business and the contribution made...

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Induction Systems - Which Type Is Best? | Resolution Digital

What Type Of Induction System Does My Business Need?

Would you know the difference between an on-site induction to an off-site system? With so many different types of Online Induction Systems available it's difficult...

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6 Steps To Improve Employee Induction Training | Resolution Digital

6 Steps To Improve Employee Induction Training

A good employee induction system presents employees, contractors and new staff with the fastest route from being hired to being safe and productive. We have...

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Site Induction Examples & eLearning | Resolution Digital

5 Great Site Induction Training Examples & ELearning Systems

Want an engaging, clear and concise training system for your employees? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite eLearning and site induction training examples and...

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Be Data Savvy - Get More From Your Website | Resolution Digital

Why Online Video is great for business.

When people think of Online Video's they think of YouTube and cat videos. But did you know that Online Video is actually a fantastic tool...

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Generate More Sales In This Busy Period | Resolution Digital

Generate Sales In This Busy Period

Having a good campaign strategy can help generate more sales for your company. Busy periods such as Christmas, Summer and Easter time are just some...

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Be Data Savvy - Get More From Your Website | Resolution Digital

Be data savvy – Get more from your website

So you have a website, it looks good, you have a great product but are you utilising all that data? We take a look at...

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How Safe Is Your Website Data? GDPR Compliance | Resolution Digital

How safe is your websites data? Are you GDPR compliant?

Your websites data; here's what you need to know... How to Protect Your Website’s Data: - As technology becomes even more prevalent, data and website...

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GDPR Is Here - Are You Prepared? | Resolution Digital

GDPR is HERE. Are you prepared for it?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is HERE. Are you prepared for it? It’s essential that businesses understand what this means for their operations, especially if...

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Learning At Work - The Importance | Resolution Digital


What is Learning at Work Week? Learning at Work Week is an annual event in May organised by the Campaign for Learning since 1999. It...

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Learning Management System - Benefits | Resolution Digital

Learning Management System – 7 Things To Consider

7 Things to consider in your learning management system (LMS) Choosing an induction or learning management system can be a difficult process. There are such...

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Productive & Safe Workforce - eLearning | Resolution Digital

Why Elearning is ideal to maintain a happy & safe workforce

Elearning if done right improves employee performance, generates profit and saves your business money in the long run. Using online training systems (Elearning) dramatically reduces...

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World day for safety and health at work

  Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases – more than 2.3 million deaths per year. 317 million...

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Health & Safety Training - Business Benefit | Resolution Digital

How Can Health & Safety Training Benefit My Business?

Why is health & safety training important? Training sessions afford your team with the skills to get their jobs done safely and more efficiently. Productivity...

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GDPR is your company ready?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  will come into effect across the EU on 25th May 2018 replacing the existing Data Protection Act.   This new...

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10 Must Know Facts About Online Induction Systems

  In our previous blogs we mentioned the importance of having an Induction System within an organisation and how this will give your new skilled...

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Grow Your Business - Training That Delivers | Resolution Digital

Get ongoing success from your Induction System

Having the perfect Induction System isn't limited to inducting new employees, successful organisations understand that training is an ongoing factor in both the company's and...

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Creating The Perfect Induction System | Resolution Digital

Make your employee Induction System a success

Create the perfect Online Induction System for your business For many companies, Online Induction can seem overwhelming or they have limited perceptions on it's scope....

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Are You Giving The Right Impression With Inductions? | Resolution Digital

Are you giving the right impression?

It's National Careers week, but what impression are you giving your new staff? During this week each year employers and apprenticeship schemes from across England...

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A New Year a New Strategy

It's that time again and the New Year is nearly upon us. Putting Christmas presents and turkey aside, I'd like to talk business in this...

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Res Digital Old Logo | Resolution Digital

We are Resolution Television

Delivering professional creative media solutions for over 12 years. We provide our services to clients throughout the UK and beyond, offering the very best creative solutions....

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Why Your Company Should Use Online Induction Training | Resolution Digital

5 Reasons Why…

5 Reasons why should you take your companies induction training online. Health and safety induction training is crucial in creating a safe working environment for...

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It’s here… Check out our Brand New Website

Welcome to our NEW look!   After intensive planning and research, we are delighted to be launching our new website. Created by our expert in-house...

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GDPR Is Here - Are You Prepared? | Resolution Digital

Online Video and Your Website

There are so many different kinds of media your website can offer to encourage customer interaction. These include blogs, images, RSS feeds, and social networking....

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Creating A Successful Online Video

Online habits are changing and more people than ever are watching videos online each year. According to reports 81% of companies now feature and are...

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How not advertising affects your business

Through my previous experience in advertising I have come across a number of businesses who feel they don't need to advertise or don't understand it's...

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Online Induction Portal & ELearning Systems | Res Digital

Successful examples of online induction portals & ELearning systems

An online Induction portal and E-Learning Systems come in many forms but the main functions are the same. Example mock up of an online Induction...

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LMS Training Online & Induction Training | Resolution Digital

Online LMS Training and Induction Training

Online E-learning and Induction learning offers a user friendly, consistent approach to staff training which can be rolled out across multiple departments in any location....

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Do you have a good online marketing strategy?

All online businesses require online marketing strategies. A comprehensive Internet marketing strategy can launch or increase sales substantially for a business. Internet marketing requires knowledge...

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10 Reasons why your business should use digital marketing

Digital marketing and Social media for business is no longer optional.   There are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have...

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What is digital marketing?

In Summary, Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Advertising methods that are used as...

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Why TV Advertising Is Vital For Online Businesses

In a modern online business environment, we look into what role TV advertising actually plays in driving demand and success for online businesses. According to...

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Officially launched – Online Induction App NOW unveiled

Resolution Televisions very own Software Genius - Mike Wing, has officially launched our latest Android and IOS online induction app for a major client of...

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Online Induction Portal & ELearning Systems | Res Digital

Have you heard about our Online Induction systems?

In Summary... An online induction system can greatly improve workforce productivity with less time and money spent training by facilitators. Online induction systems can be...

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Induction System - A Full Guide | Resolution Digital

Do you really know how poor induction training can affect your workforce?

Do you really know how poor training can affect your workforce? Did you know that Face-to-Face training could be costing you more than you think?...

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Why You Should Use Online Systems For Workforce Induction | Resolution Digital

Why you should use Online Systems for your workforce Induction

Why Online Induction Systems? Health and safety induction training is crucial in creating a safe working environment for your workforce from day one. Don't forget...

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Resolution Television goes to Wimbledon…

The crew were down in Wimbledon this week. And no not for the tennis, but for some serious health and safety filming. This induction shoot...

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Firemen demonstrate their remarkable skills to save our Carrie

Carrie, our Editor /Graphics designer, bravely volunteered to be rescued in a vehicle safety demonstration. [fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid"...

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Christmas Has Come Early For Our Production Team - Equipment | Resolution Digital

Christmas has come early for our production team

Our production crew were like kids at Christmas when the latest piece of tech arrived at our offices. At Resolution Television we always invest in...

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Fire & Rescue Services Demonstration | Resolution Digital

Fire and Rescue Services Vehicle Rescue Demonstration

Our production team were over in Immingham this week filming a new project for the Fire and Rescue Services. The crew got to witness first hand a...

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New Server | Resolution Digital

New Server. 50X more Powerful

Have a website? Is your current IT Server provider lagging behind? We understand, you have a business to run and having a reliable website is...

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